Why VisitPay?

Because we believe patients should come first.

When you treat people as individuals and put them in control, you get a powerful win-win. We make it easy for patients to pay.

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A great patient experience unites the clinical and financial sides of healthcare.

It’s something we know a lot about: we’ve been doing it since 2010. But our roots lie in consumer finance — it’s where our founders learned that a great experience drives great outcomes.

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We believe
in openness.

VisitPay is built on open architecture designed for the multi-party payment model of healthcare. Our cloud-based platform is continually optimized with two-week release cycles.

We have reimagined the entire financial experience.

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We believe
in easier and better.

We continually optimize the VisitPay experience with input from providers and patients. Using data and analytics, we’re already at work developing the next, better-than-the-last release.

  • We’ve decreased our implementation time to an industry-leading 60 days.
  • We integrate easily with any billing system, no matter how old or non-traditional the billing environment.
  • We do our best to ensure the security of our clients’ and end users’ healthcare and financial data.
  • We integrate at the data level with core EMR systems, enabling automated fulfillment of payments, discounts, loans, loan adjustments & refunds.


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Success By Any Metric

With VisitPay, our clients have seen:

  • patient satisfaction up 40%
    40% more patients ranked their billing experience “good” or “excellent” with VisitPay
  • cost to collect down 75%
    Less support and intervention required (two call center agents can manage 50,000 users)
  • patient payments up 30%
    On a risk adjusted basis, as non-payers become payers

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See how the VisitPay solution solves the challenges faced by both patients and providers in healthcare today.

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