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The Patient Perspective and the Provider Imperative

Hospital financial leaders need to find new ways to help their organizations weather the storm caused by COVID-19. The patient [...]

Aite Impact Report

This Impact Brief is designed to highlight the capabilities of a unique healthcare revenue cycle partnership between TransUnion Healthcare and [...]

Rethinking Propensity to Pay Scoring and Digital Payments: A Winning Patient Financial Engagement Strategy

Healthcare is overdue for an updated scoring strategy. Providers must look beyond a “one-size-fits-all” strategy to reach patients and drive [...]

The 2020 VisitPay Report

Knowledge you can use The 2020 VisitPay Report summarizes quantitative research regarding the state of patient financial health in America [...]

The Challenges and Opportunities in Pursuing a Patient-centric Financial Experience

It’s common knowledge that the patient financial experience matters. But how do the leaders of a complex revenue cycle evolve [...]

Patient Financial Health Seminar

Boost Loyalty and Healthcare Consumerism Efforts at the Same Time. As patients become responsible for a larger portion of their [...]

2019 VisitPay Report

Engage your patients and improve your margins. Smart health systems are using a proven Patient Financial Mapping process to better [...]

The Patient as Payer Economy

Health systems are succeeding in today’s patient as payer economy—here’s how. With patient healthcare costs soaring nearly 30 percent since [...]

Why VisitPay with Epic

Five reasons why VisitPay is the right choice to complement your Epic strategy Major health systems across the US are [...]