9 Questions to Ask Before Paying Any Medical Bill

U.S. News & World Report

Medical billing errors can happen. Here's how to be sure you aren't paying more than needed. Insights featuring Kent Ivanoff, [...]

Geisinger partners with VisitPay

Becker's Hospital CFO Report

Geisinger, a 13-hospital system based in Danville, Pa., will roll out new digital financial products through a partnership with VisitPay. [...]

Geisinger chooses VisitPay as its new digital financial platform

Healthcare Finance

Geisinger, a health system serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey, announced a new partnership with the digital financial service platform VisitPay. [...]

Healthcare de Jure discusses patient financial responsibility with Will Reilly, VP of Client and Consumer Marketing at VisitPay

Healthcare de Jure

HeathcareNOW radio host, Matt Fisher, and Will Reilly, VP of Client and Consumer Marketing at VisitPay, discuss patient financial responsibility [...]

Vendors Team Up to Accelerate Healthcare Digital Transformations

HIT Infrastructure

A multi-vendor framework aims to boost healthcare digital transformations by allowing organizations to interchange solution components as business needs evolve. [...]

From getting by to getting ahead: How St. Luke’s health system reimagined the patient experience and improved payment yields

Becker's Hospital Review

At Becker's 8th Annual CEO & CFO Roundtable, VisitPay hosted an executive roundtable to explore the challenges around patient financial [...]

State of play: Health care after the pandemic


Kent Ivanoff shares insights on making bills simpler for people to understand and actually pay. [...]

258+ healthcare revenue cycle companies to know | 2020

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Health systems are experiencing increasingly complex revenue cycles. Here are more than 258 companies with revenue cycle management solutions in [...]

What healthcare leaders can do to support patients and sustain revenue during a recession

Becker's Hospital Review

With a surging unemployment rate and the economy entrenched in another recession, hospital leaders need to consider flexible patient financing [...]