Empowering patients with digital increases patient loyalty

| Becker's Hospital Review

3 key takeaways from leading industry voices at Intermountain Healthcare + Henry Ford Health System [...]

Rapid Iteration vs. Building For Scale

| Beyond the Uniform

"We came in knowing we didn’t have a super flashy idea but we thought we were solving a real issue. [...]

‘Health insurance or food’: Americans face difficult choices amid pandemic

| The Guardian

People with chronic illnesses are being forced to make hard decisions about delaying vital care or sacrificing basic necessities in [...]

Health care consumerism pushes medical payments toward mainstream retail

| PaymentsSource

CEO Kent Ivanoff says the pandemic requires health care to rethink billing and payments. Subscription required. [...]

The Squeeze Is On

| Group Practice Journal

Addressing the affordability threat. Subscription required. [...]

39% Worry Over COVID-19 Patient Financial Responsibility

| PatientEngagementHIT

Fears about COVID-19 patient financial responsibility and costs deter 35 percent of people from accessing treatment for the novel coronavirus. [...]

The Cost Of Covid-19 Scares Some Consumers More Than The Disease

| Forbes

According to a new survey released today, 39% of respondents are more worried about the cost of Covid-19 than the illness itself. [...]

The Bills at the Bottom of Consumers’ Priority List? Medical Bills.

| HealthLeaders

Thirty-seven percent of people end up paying medical bills with credit cards, and of those, three-quarters finance their medical bills [...]

Riverside Health System calls 2020 one of its most improved revenue cycle years to date

| Healthcare Finance News

Riverside Health System is coming out of 2020 being able to say that it was one of its most improved [...]