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3 Reasons to Offer Interest-Free Payment Plans to Patients


Providing interest-free payment plans to patients is about more than facilitating collections; it's also about doing what's right for patients [...]

4 Vice Presidents Building the Revenue Cycle of the Future

Health Leaders

Meet executives who are leading the way toward revenue cycles that are more streamlined, transparent, patient-focused, and automated than ever. [...]

VisitPay moving, expanding

Idaho Press

VisitPay, a Boise-grown healthcare technology startup, has moved to new headquarters to accommodate an expanding staff. [...]

VisitPay Expands Business — and Views

River Shore Development

When fast-growing financial technology company VisitPay was looking to expand, they looked to River Shore Development. [...]

Take Control of Your Revenue Cycle: Three Ways Finance Leaders are Helping Their Organizations Adapt to Change


HealthLeaders sat down with executives from multiple health systems to discuss challenges hospitals and health systems are grappling with in [...]

AI in Healthcare: Ten Essential Use Cases

Aite Group

AI presents a growing array of capabilities to increase process efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease incidences of fraud. [...]

Customize the Patient Financial Encounters for Revenue Cycle Success


Adopted from the marketing industry, customer segmentation allows health systems to further customize the patient financial experience and help them [...]

Implementation best practices: Ringing up success with finance IT

Healthcare IT News

Five experts in financial information systems offer insights and tips for launching technology to help drive cost efficiencies and boost [...]

Boise health tech company expands along Boise River


VisitPay, the Boise-based technology company focused on medical billing, is expanding its headquarters. [...]