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VisitPay completes major funding round, aims to grow patient financial health platform

BY KELLY GOOCH | NOVEMBER 8, 2017 Hospitals and health systems are increasingly focused on patient collections as they seek [...]

Solving Consumer Financial Experience—For Good

The discussion of money is one of our most enduring social taboos. Forthright conversations centered around financial matters—from cost-of-living and [...]

How to Meet Patients on Their Terms: Solo Strivers and Overextended Achievers

In the age of the patient as payer, health systems must explore new ways to increase yields for the services [...]

WSJ.D, Daily Startup.com: The Daily Startup—The VC Body Project

“Medical investors once spent a disproportionate amount of their money on diseases affecting the brain, heart and skeleton. Now market [...]

The Payer in the Waiting Room

Note: This is an excerpt of an article originally that appeared on HMFA NJ.  In recent years, consumers have become [...]

What Patients Really Want: A Personal Relationship with Their Health System

Providers from across the Northwest met together at the Idaho HFMA Summer Conference for discussions focused on personalizing patient financial [...]

Growth at VisitPay Calls for New Headquarters

Like a lot of startups, VisitPay started in a basement. Our two founders, Kent Ivanoff and Vince Martino, used to [...]

How Consumers Pay for Medical Care: Providing Better Ways to Ease the Pain of High Costs

According to a new study published by Gallup, Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for healthcare in the last twelve [...]

Podcast: Your Hospital Billing Department Needs a Marketer’s Touch

When you think of hospital marketing, the billing department probably doesn’t even make the list. Yet, in many cases patient [...]