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Accelerate Revenue Recovery With Patient-Friendly Billing

We’re experiencing the first recessionary environment since the rise of high deductible health plans in 2010. Economists predicted then that [...]

Humanize and Optimize Patient Payment Options in the COVID Economy

While healthcare can quickly become a medical priority, the resultant bills are unlikely to become a top financial priority—especially when [...]

Prioritizing Pre-Service in Healthcare

Household bills, for some people, are a struggle to pay—no matter the situation. Add into this the current swirl of [...]

How Intermountain Healthcare Takes the Frustration Out of the Patient Financial Experience

As the patient clinical and financial experiences become increasingly intertwined, health systems must find ways to take the frustration out [...]

Self-Service Powers the Patient Financial Experience

We’ve seen glimmers of good news lately about unemployment lessening as the economy begins to open back up. Unfortunately, we [...]

The Five-Point Plan of Action During COVID-19 

A blueprint to meet patient and provider financial needs in a time of crisis, now and into the expected recession [...]

Lessons Learned from the Great Recession: How Consumers Change the Way They Pay 

Kent Ivanoff remembers the Great Recession 12 years ago and tells us what we might expect to happen now and [...]

COVID-19: How We Are Helping

COVID-19 has shaken our world, our way of life, and is deeply impacting our clients and the communities they serve [...]

Using Patient Insights to Reverse Declining Margins

Patients are responsible for an increasing share of medical costs. And this shift from insurance companies to consumers has a [...]