Patients deserve better—starting with their bill.

Why is a patient friendly bill essential to engaging today’s healthcare consumer? 

A patient friendly bill improves relationships and builds trust by providing transparency and convenient payment options—two examples of what healthcare consumers expect.

In this e-book, you’ll learn more about the rise of the healthcare consumer and how their expectations impact your health system.

Is your billing experience as friendly as your care experience? VisitPay provides patient friendly billing with:

  • One consolidated statement per month, per family
  • EOB at the visit level
  • Easy online billing access from any device
  • Clarity around what’s owed
  • Personalized finance plans
“[Patients] have to agree with the information they get from the payer, so that it all matches and there’s no confusion.” –Bob Mueller, VP Rev Cycle at St. Luke’s Health System

About VisitPay

VisitPay is a dedicated group of consumer finance people working for the good of the healthcare industry. The company was established after our founders discovered an entire industry that was using outdated and inadequate systems to manage patient revenue—leading to frustrated providers, dissatisfied and confused patients, and, ultimately, fewer payments. Something had to change. So we decided to fix it. In doing so, we didn’t only make patient billing easier, we rethought patient financial relationships from end to end.

Partners include

Intermountain Healthcare

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