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The power of knowing

We asked 2,000 American healthcare consumers about how they seek medical care, obtain cost estimates, and attain satisfaction with health systems. The VisitPay Report summarizes the result of this extensive primary research.

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  • How the financial experience impacts overall patient satisfaction
  • The importance of demographics in how and when to communicate with consumers
  • Ways to educate and engage consumers along their care journey to encourage payment
  • Proven patient engagement strategies and how to deploy them
“Understanding patient needs and preferences across the healthcare journey gets us one step closer to clinical and financial engagement.” –David Kirshner, CFO (Retired), University of Rochester Medical Center

About VisitPay

VisitPay is a dedicated group of consumer finance people working for the good of the healthcare industry. The company was established after our founders discovered an entire industry that was using outdated and inadequate systems to manage patient revenue—leading to frustrated providers, dissatisfied and confused patients, and, ultimately, fewer payments. Something had to change. So we decided to fix it. In doing so, we didn’t only make patient billing easier, we rethought patient financial relationships from end to end.

Partners include

Intermountain Healthcare
St. Luke's
Texas Health Resources

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