VisitPay Report


The 2021 VisitPay Report reveals strategies and tips for building a better patient journey.

Discover the results from patients around the country, broken down to help you design a patient-first financial experience—and increase payments at the same time.

Adapting to Digital

More important than ever.

The 2021 VisitPay Report examines patient financial health and where it’s going. Our research reveals that patients prefer digital solutions now more than ever, meaning health systems need to adapt to fit those expectations or risk losing patients.

Download your copy of The VisitPay Report to learn about:

  • The decline in patient preference of paper statements
  • The increase in patients using health system payment plans to manage medical bills
  • The rise in patients’ likelihood to obtain cost estimates before receiving care
  • The trend of health systems sharing cost-of-care information before treatment

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