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Discover new insights from patient surveys designed to help you increase satisfaction and payments—through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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The 2020 VisitPay Report summarizes quantitative research regarding the state of patient financial health in America today. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that traditional one-size-fits-all patient payment approaches are no longer fit for purpose. Patients are struggling with unemployment, decreased incomes, and overall financial uncertainty, putting us in the first economic downturn since the rise of the high-deductible health plan—and the impact will be long-lasting. This is why the insights and information inside this report are more valuable and relevant now than ever.

You’ll find key insights designed to help you create a blueprint for improving the patient financial experience at your health system.

Download your copy of The VisitPay Report to discover:

  • Why patients are facing an impossible decision
  • The rising demand for billing transparency and digital solutions
  • The value of segmentation and seven audiences to address
  • Actionable next steps for improving patient satisfaction
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    About VisitPay

    VisitPay is a dedicated group of consumer finance people working for the good of the healthcare industry. The company was established after our founders discovered an entire industry that was using outdated and inadequate systems to manage patient revenue—leading to frustrated providers, dissatisfied and confused patients, and, ultimately, fewer payments. Something had to change. So we decided to fix it. In doing so, we didn’t only make patient billing easier, we rethought patient financial relationships from end to end.

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