Personalized Patient Options Help INTEGRIS Health Support Its Community Mission


Headquarters: Oklahoma City, OK
Hospitals: 7 metro facilities
11 metro centers of excellence
5 regional facilities
Beds: 1,500
Net Patient Revenue: $1.6 Billion
Employees: 9,000
EMR: Epic

At a Glance

  • Business Challenge

    As Oklahoma’s largest hospital network and not-for-profit organization, INTEGRIS Health sees their role not only as a clinical care provider but as an integral part of the community. When they noticed how patients struggled to pay their medical bills, the health system wanted to develop a financial approach to help. To do that required insight into the unique needs and behaviors of patients.

  • Transformation

    INTEGRIS Health selected VisitPay to create an elegant, best-in-class patient financial experience, capitalizing on its Epic investment. Connecting a patient’s financial well-being with the health system’s mission was instrumental in the partnership. As Mike Weed, Senior Vice President of Financial Operations of INTEGRIS Health, explains, “Central to our mission is the idea of ‘returnship,’ or giving back to the communities we serve.”

  • Results

    With 30,000 patients registered to use the VisitPay platform at INTEGRIS Health, the health system has benefited from a significant uptick in patient payments since going live. VisitPay is now responsible for a significant proportion of total patient collections and patients are increasingly delighted with the solution, as demonstrated by a Net Promoter Score (NPS) approaching 40.

Business Challenge

INTEGRIS Health comprises more than 300 access points across Oklahoma and about 60% of the population lives within 30 miles of an INTEGRIS facility or physician. In 2018 the state of Oklahoma had the second highest level of uninsured patients of any state.

Weed says, “Our uninsured population creates an inflationary gap, where payment levels just aren’t keeping up with the increases of our costs. This is a challenge and we have to balance that concern with our commitment as a nonprofit to deliver great care to the people in the communities we serve.”

Mike Weed
SVP, Financial Operations


INTEGRIS shares how they improved margins by focusing on all aspects of the physical and financial well-being of their patients.

In 2018 alone, the health system provided more than $65 million in benefits to its community, including the cost of bad debt. With such a large and unique patient-base, INTEGRIS wanted to identify and meet the financial needs and preferences of individuals.

“Every patient has a unique challenge, a unique situation. Some are recently divorced, some are recently out of a job, some have job increases. Every situation is different,” says Carlos Valcarce, former Administrative Director for Revenue Cycle Analytics. “We believe that every patient is unique—and we want them to have a personal relationship with INTEGRIS.”

INTEGRIS looked to boost MyChart’s capabilities by augmenting it with a dedicated patient billing platform. The health system needed to tailor payment options and communication preferences to treat patients individually. This required a solution that could offer a personalized patient experience while being fully integrated into the EMR system.

Weed explains, “While health system finance and revenue cycle leaders can integrate processes and technologies to ensure a more seamless billing experience for every patient, these leaders also have to be good stewards of their organization’s limited resources. For this reason, hospital executives shouldn’t necessarily take a blanket approach to patient financial experience improvement. Revenue cycle teams need to be empowered with the tools and expertise to pinpoint the patients in greatest need of personalized payment plans and informative details about their medical coverage.”

INTEGRIS felt VisitPay was the ideal partner to provide that insight. VisitPay’s finance and marketing expertise is built directly into the technology platform used by patients.

“Through VisitPay, we now have analytics that help us understand our population better,” Weed says. “Now we know where we need to focus from a collections standpoint. We’re able to spend time working with those patients that need extra support and assistance and help them pay their bill.”


Weed explains the connection between the financial experience and community service: “Financial care is critical to the overall health and well-being of the community. We play a key role on the revenue cycle side to make sure patients have a good experience with their financial care, just as they do with their physicians and clinicians.”

Working together and augmenting the capabilities of Epic, VisitPay and INTEGRIS address the needs of the ever-growing patient as payer population, making sure patients have an exceptional financial experience.

Consumerism and self-service

The increase in patient financial responsibility for care presents providers with a considerable challenge. In addition, healthcare consumerism has intensified with the entry of retail and tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Walmart into the healthcare space.

It starts with a self-service experience that resembles the one to which patients have grown accustomed outside healthcare. With the ability to self-configure a payment plan that is meaningful for their personal needs earlier in the clinical care journey, patients will be more engaged to pay.

VisitPay was founded for the sole purpose of helping providers meet the demands of consumerism and improve patient payment rates. VisitPay helps INTEGRIS orient their payment approach to be focused around the consumers, addressing their unique financial needs.

“Financial care is critical to the overall health and well-being of the community. We play a key role on the revenue cycle side to make sure patients have a good experience with their financial care.”
-Mike Weed, Senior Vice President of Financial Operations, INTEGRIS Health

Greater clarity and convenience

Using VisitPay, INTEGRIS Health allows patients to consolidate, view, and pay their bills—for the entire family—from a single digital access point. Patients receive a single statement each month, with a view of medical costs alongside insurance coverage.

Patients can manage their medical obligations from the same devices they use in other environments, and access their account seamlessly through MyChart. To help eliminate confusion and build loyalty, the INTEGRIS brand is prominent throughout the entire digital experience.

Personalized payment options

With its new payment approach, INTEGRIS Health offers longer-term, flexible finance options that are personalized for each patient. With more choice and control around duration, payment amount and rate, patients can select a plan that adapts to the family’s budget and lifestyle.

This autonomy is critical for uninsured or underinsured individuals. Weed explains, “Oftentimes, very costly and expensive healthcare challenges can hit patients when they are not expecting them. That puts a huge burden and additional stress on our patients and their overall health. It’s important that we help them recover from these challenges.”

Automatic payment recommendations

Thanks to VisitPay’s proprietary score-driven and health system-specific segmentation capabilities, INTEGRIS can now provide patients with customized payment options. Understanding each patient’s propensity to pay allows INTEGRIS to automatically recommend payment terms that better meet their financial needs. Using health system guidelines, presumptive charity qualification is applied automatically at the right moment in the patient journey, ensuring that patients in need are not overlooked.

VisitPay offers the precision to operationalize financial strategies across the enterprise. As Valcarce touts, “VisitPay provides the best segmentation, the best analytics out there. It’s that intellectual capital that helps bring focus to our organization.”


By the numbers

  • 30K

    Users registered

  • Patient satisfaction

  • NPS 40

    Net Promoter Score

Using complementary technology solutions demonstrates how health systems like INTEGRIS Health don’t have to choose between an EHR or a patient billing platform. VisitPay integrates seamlessly with Epic to create an elegant, best-in-class patient financial experience that generates impressive results for the health system and its patients.

Weed explains, “Our partnership with VisitPay helps us align our patients’ financial health with the level of care we provide for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”

VisitPay drives patient adoption and payments. At INTEGRIS, self-service digital patient payments were immediately significantly higher than historical payments. 30,000 patients have registered to use VisitPay with a seamless integration from MyChart.

Patients at INTEGRIS Health are increasingly satisfied. Not only do 85% of patients say making a payment was easier than expected, but the financial experience component of INTEGRIS’ NPS has experienced a jump to nearly 40. The increase in patient loyalty is a testament to the organization’s commitment to improving the financial experience.

As INTEGRIS Health strives to improve the health of the people and communities it serves, VisitPay is helping create a financial experience to support this mission.