Implementation made quick and easy

From developing a clear plan to going live, we’re here to ensure your success.

Best of all, our 3rd generation platform can be set up and ready to use in under 90 days. You read that right: days.

And once your health system is up and running, our analysts, consumer finance and healthcare billing system experts remain by your side to help you measure results, run tests, and optimize platform configuration.

as little as 90 days

EMR Integration

We connect multiple billing systems together with ease. And your billing team has an easy-to-use VisitPay health system portal that also spans any and all billing environments.

VisitPay integrates with all major EMR billing systems, including:

  • EPIC (HB/PB and SBO)
  • Cerner Millennium
  • Cerner Siemens (Soarian and Invision)
  • Meditech (BAR and LSS)
  • Allscripts McKesson
  • GE Centricity
  • Athena
  • …And a host of physician and
  • non-medical billing systems


We enable health systems to create personalized experiences for their patients—at scale and without IT resources. Over 200 attributes can be used in the platform’s rules engine, like:

  • VisitPay’s proprietary scoring and segmentation
  • Insurance plan discounts
  • Special payment terms
  • Unique VisitPay data, based on user activity and payment behavior
  • EMR system data

Security & Compliance

PCI, AICPA compliance badges
  • PCI Level I Service Provider—the highest level of PCI compliance
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • TILA Compliant
  • FCRA Compliant
  • Compliant with state-specific laws
  • SOC 2 + HiTrust, Type 2 Audited

Patients Expect a User-First Experience.

Health systems must evolve to remain competitive. VisitPay can help.

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