Improve patient financing for better outcomes

Customized Offers

Every patient is different. Their financing options should be too. Tailored experiences drive greater patient satisfaction and higher payment rates.

With over 200 variables available, providers set financing rules that enable patients to create plans that meet their needs.

Payment options are precisely underwritten for each consumer. Providers gain complete visibility into finance plan performance over time.

  • Assistance

    Differentiated options for patients that need them


  • Efficiency

    Ensure patients who have the means to pay do so quickly and effectively


  • Yield

    Accurate and ongoing measurement of payment performance and yield lift

  • Compliance

    Loan terms are compliant with all federal and state specific lending laws


Balance Transfer (with J.P. Morgan)

With VisitPay Balance Transfer, providers have the option to offload patient financing receivables, in a fully automated fashion, to a balance sheet provided by VisitPay through an exclusive partnership with J.P. Morgan.

When patients choose long-term financing, providers have the flexibility to customize the parameters under which each visit may be placed on a payment plan, and the terms offered.

Providers can also determine when patient obligations remain on their balance sheet, and when they move to VisitPay. These transfers can happen on an automatic, systematic basis.

Providers receive:

  • Cash acceleration
  • Favorable credit terms
  • Low administrative costs
  • Preservation of brand
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved payment yield

Convenient and Automated Self-Service Financing

Patients can set up their accounts, view billing statements and pay bills from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet—24/7. They can also completely self service their finance plans.

Once a finance plan is originated, VisitPay automatically communicates with billing systems. VisitPay automatically fulfills all payments, discounts, loans, loan adjustments and refunds, in a fully compliant way.

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