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Epic with VisitPay: a better result

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You Can’t Afford to Wait

You’re part of a health system committed to Epic. But you recognize like we do, that the healthcare industry is changing, led by ever-changing market conditions and patient demands. So you understand that good enough is not good enough. 

It’s time to adapt—and act now! Dive in and see how Epic with VisitPay creates a better result.

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“Can’t I get this in MyChart?” or
“How is this different from Epic?”

The simple answer is that, yes, it’s possible to receive patient payments in both MyChart and in VisitPay; but that’s where the similarities end. At their core, both from a focus on the patient experience, and results, these platforms couldn’t be more different.

Today 80% of VisitPay’s clients rely on Epic as their billing system of record, and many hundreds of thousands of patients with MyChart accounts at major health systems nationwide depend on VisitPay for their financial experience.

The data tells the rest of the story: VisitPay is a big win for both patient and provider. Explore the data.

VisitPay is an example of a best-of-breed product. It’s amazing how easily and quickly you can integrate the platform with Epic or another revenue cycle system.

Bob Dewar, CRO, Geisinger Health

Clients on Epic with VisitPay

  • Geisinger
  • St. Luke's
  • Inova
  • Carilion Clinic



VisitPay was purpose-built to tackle the immense challenge of improving the patient billing experience. The results say we’re on to something.

72% yield lift at Inova

Increased digital payment rates—by as much as 200% or more

Patient Focused

A best-in-class patient financial experience designed to meet patients where they are—reimagining the entire billing experience from the ground up. 

Unmatched digital adoption rates

NPS in line with consumer brands like Apple and Amazon—well above the industry average

Proven Solution

VisitPay reimagines the patient financial experience improving your bottom line and patient loyalty and trust.

RCM data from more than 300 million patient visits

VisitPay is driving results for 1 in 10 not-for-profit health systems across the nation

In 2020, our patients increased adoption of the VisitPay platform—over 80%—making it clear that a fully self-serviced, fully digital financial experience is a top priority.

Alice Pope, CFO, Inova

See How

Inova achieved incredible results using Epic with VisitPay.