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Patient Experience

How the Lessons of 2008 Can Help Health Systems Navigate 2020

Health systems across the country are quickly adapting to a new reality brought on by the COVID-19 economy. As unemployment [...]

What Patients Want from the Healthcare Payment Experience

Just a decade ago, our health system clients averaged around 5% of their revenue due from patients. Now that number [...]

How Intermountain Healthcare Takes the Frustration Out of the Patient Financial Experience

As the patient clinical and financial experiences become increasingly intertwined, health systems must find ways to take the frustration out [...]

Putting the Patient First: How User Experience Design Improves the Patient Financial Experience

No matter how good their clinical experience may have been, if patients have trouble making a payment in the health [...]

Patient Financial Engagement in 120 Days

In the spring of 2019, INTEGRIS Health broke ground on an enterprise-wide vision to reimagine our financial engagement strategy. Like [...]

Keys to Driving Patient Adoption of a Digital Payment Platform

It’s a common challenge. Health systems recognize the need for an intelligent, digital payment platform to engage their patients, so [...]

5 Reasons Marketers Care about the Patient Financial Experience

At VisitPay we develop technology that helps health systems and their patients manage healthcare bills in a better way. We [...]

The Art and Science of Patient Engagement

To survive, providers must be compensated for care. Increasingly, a greater portion of that compensation comes directly from patients, but [...]

There’s More than Meets the Eye in Creating a Patient Friendly Bill

Imagine a shoulder injury sends you to the hospital. The good news is that there is no permanent damage. The [...]