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The Knowledge Group – Part 3

Today is part three of a three-part series we've been doing on topics including how digitization ensures a consistent payment [...]

The Knowledge Group – Part 2

Today is part two of a three-part series of a panel discussion about improving the patient financial experience. So if [...]

The Knowledge Group – Part 1

Normally on the show, I interview industry experts about how we can improve the financial experience for each individual patient. [...]

Leave No Patient Behind

For today's episode, I'm joined by my colleague, Kristin Burns, the Director of Product Management at VisitPay. In this interview, [...]

How User-Centered Design Creates a More Holistic Patient Experience

Anyone familiar with VisitPay knows it’s a company dedicated to creating a better end-to-end patient experience. The key? Looking at [...]

Measuring the Patient Financial Experience: A Discussion with Healthcare Industry Experts

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly clear to both patients and health systems that a better [...]

Putting Patients First: An Industry Insider’s Perspective

For our podcast series “The Patient Financial Journey Reimagined,” I sat down with Mac Boyter, healthcare industry expert and Research [...]

Skills for the Next Generations of Leaders: What We Learned from ’08 + COVID

Consumer expectations have been changing (since the dawn of the digital age 20 years ago), and the pandemic has only [...]

Investing in Healthcare’s “Other Side of the Coin”   

The pandemic put a much-needed spotlight on healthcare. For most providers, the digital advances experienced in the first three weeks [...]