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Acquisition of VisitPay by R1 Leads to Additional Opportunities for Patient-Focused Innovation

The recent acquisition of VisitPay by R1 promises to bring big things to the healthcare industry. As part of the [...]

Mount Nittany Health Prioritizes the Patient Financial Experience

For Mount Nittany Health, the goal was simple: improve the patient’s experience. To accomplish this, they made the patient financial [...]

A Proven Combination to Improve the Patient Experience: R1 to Acquire VisitPay

Since VisitPay’s founding in 2010, we’ve been committed to improving the financial experience for as many patients as possible. And [...]

Putting Patients First: Kent Ivanoff Named Top CEO

It’s an exciting time at VisitPay, and much of our momentum is thanks to our CEO and Co-Founder, Kent Ivanoff. [...]

Milestones & Momentum: A Podcast with CEO Kent Ivanoff

About this podcast: VisitPay has been making big news lately—news that continues to demonstrate how we’re the leading choice for [...]

For Good: Two Words That Guide Us

Our company was built on the idea that we could change healthcare finance together—for good. That means changes that benefit [...]

WellSpan Health Joins the Wave of Health Systems Committing to a Better Financial Experience

More and more health systems are rethinking their patient billing model, and VisitPay is here to help them build a [...]

Taking the Patient Financial Experience Summit Virtual

For six years we’ve gathered some of the smartest minds in healthcare from across the country for our annual Patient [...]

Looking Forward with VisitPay’s New Chief Growth Officer

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the VisitPay team: Pat Saxman. Our incoming Chief Growth Officer has big [...]