In today’s uncertain healthcare economy, St. Luke’s is defying industry odds.

Like many medical providers, St. Luke’s Health System was concerned about rising patient responsibility and the resulting impact on their margins. They knew they needed a modern digital solution for engaging patients and simplifying the billing process. Since implementing the VisitPay patient financial engagement platform, they’ve been able to drastically increase patient satisfaction and payments while taking pressure off of their internal staff.

St. Luke's
  • $2.4B Health System
  • Located in Idaho & Oregon
  • 8 Hospitals/200+ Medical Offices
  • First Deployed VisitPay in 2014

Patient satisfaction increased to 90%–and payments increased 30%

Growing deductibles. Self-pay increases. Confusion about what’s owed. It all leads to the same place: frustrated patients and shrinking payments. VisitPay simplifies the entire billing process in order to build trusted financial relationships between health systems and their patients. In a time when patients expect a seamless digital solution, St. Luke’s implemented the VisitPay platform and watched satisfaction grow from just over 30% with non-digital patients to about 90%. Instead of calling with one question after another, patients at St. Luke’s are now conveniently tracking bills and modifying their payment methods, as well as making payments, all within the VisitPay platform.

Seamless Epic Integration

As an Epic EMR system user, St. Luke’s made the decision to incorporate VisitPay in order to offer a robust financial solution to meet the needs of their patients, including providing patients with long-term payment plans and the ability to manage their entire household’s medical bills on a single platform. In order for patients to access VisitPay through Epic applications, “all they need to do is hit a button” said Bob Mueller, St. Luke’s VP of Revenue Cycle. “It’s so seamless.”