Intermountain turned to VisitPay to remove complexity from the patient billing experience.

As Intermountain Healthcare saw their patients becoming responsible for a larger portion of their bills, they realized they needed to offer a new experience to make it easier for patients to understand their responsibilities and manage payments. They saw an entire industry lagging in offering consumers options to self-manage their financial experience. After implementing the VisitPay platform, Intermountain has seen significant improvements in patient payments and satisfaction.

Intermountain Healthcare
  • $7.2B not-for-profit health system
  • Located in Utah & Idaho
  • 22 hospitals / 180 medical clinics
  • Deployed VisitPay in 2017

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Four Ways Intermountain Healthcare changed the patient payment experience.

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In the span of just a few months, Intermountain watched the number of their patients who rate their billing experience as good or excellent improve by more than 40 percent using the VisitPay platform. They also saw an increase in self-service and reduced dependency on the call center from patients using VisitPay. Intermountain is currently adding thousands of new users each month, and is actively marketing the platform to its patients to help that number continue to grow. By taking a complex situation and boiling it down to a simple application that is easy for their patients to understand and use the platform is giving Intermountain patients the ability to make payments on terms that best fit their budget.


Intermountain understood that if a positive clinical experience is followed by a disappointing billing experience on the back end, the overall experience will be dissatisfying for patients. Moreover, they knew that most patients want to pay their bills. By providing patients with the tools to do so, they watched satisfaction improve and the relationship between provider and patient s strengthen. A better billing experience is improving patient commitment to the health system.

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