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Is Your Health System Getting by with Patient Payments, or Getting Ahead?

September 17, 2019   |   VisitPay

In the days when patient medical debt was a small fraction of overall health system revenue, [...]

5 Reasons Marketers Care about the Patient Financial Experience

September 9, 2019   |   Will Reilly

At VisitPay we develop technology that helps health systems and their patients manage healthcare bills in [...]

The Patient Financial Health Summit: Improving the Patient Payment Experience—For Good

August 28, 2019   |   Kent Ivanoff

As we scroll through our newsfeeds, it’s easy to believe that the financial challenges posed by [...]

How VisitPay Keeps Your Launch on Track

August 14, 2019   |   VisitPay

Health systems have invested tremendous resources in integrated technology solutions to achieve better patient care, outcomes, [...]

The Art and Science of Patient Engagement

August 7, 2019   |   Conrad Coopersmith

To survive, providers must be compensated for care. Increasingly, a greater portion of that compensation comes [...]

Health System Operating Margins: Calculating a Higher Return

July 31, 2019   |   VisitPay

With the obligation of medical expenses increasingly shifting to consumers, health systems must adapt. Rather than [...]

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5 Reasons Why VisitPay Is the Right Choice to Complement Your Epic Strategy

May 9, 2018   |   Will Reilly

We spend a lot of time talking to major health providers who use Epic. And our [...]

Moody’s: Turning the Latest Healthcare Outlook into Fresh Opportunities

July 25, 2018   |   Nikolaus Trotta

Moody’s announcement of a negative outlook for not-for-profit healthcare has profound implications for an industry largely [...]

VisitPay Signs Exclusive Agreement with JPMorgan Chase

March 7, 2018   |   VisitPay

Agreement will allow VisitPay to offer healthcare providers receivables financing Boise, ID—March 7, 2018—VisitPay, the leader [...]

The Secret to Patient Satisfaction: Transform Patient Billing

April 25, 2018   |   VisitPay

One way St. Luke’s Health System ensures their financial health is by focusing on patient satisfaction [...]

Intermountain Healthcare's Jeff Howes discusses successful VisitPay implementation

November 6, 2017   |   VisitPay

See how VisitPay is transforming the patient financial experience at Intermountain Healthcare. Watch the short video now.

Focusing on Patient Experience Propels VisitPay to Top 19 Healthcare Startups List

August 1, 2018   |   VisitPay

Too often, patients can have a fabulous clinical experience, but the financial experience that follows leaves [...]

Epic integration

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How VisitPay Supercharges Your Epic Investment

July 10, 2019   |   VisitPay

Epic owns the largest share of the electronic health record (EHR) market at 28%. For the [...]

EMR Is All I Need to Optimize Consumer Financial Engagement

April 24, 2019   |   David Kirshner

Abstract: Tackling the challenge of optimizing payment of patient balances requires health systems to differentiate between [...]

Better Together: Optimizing EHRs for Financial Performance

February 5, 2019   |   Conrad Coopersmith

The electronic health record (EHR) is the most significant health IT investments many health systems will [...]

5 Reasons Why VisitPay Is the Right Choice to Complement Your Epic Strategy

May 9, 2018   |   Will Reilly

We spend a lot of time talking to major health providers who use Epic. And our [...]

What Health System CFOs Need to Know About the Patient as Payor

March 27, 2018   |   Vince Martino

Financial leaders and health system CFOs from respected healthcare systems in the US, many of whom [...]