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WellSpan Health Joins the Wave of Health Systems Committing to a Better Financial Experience

More and more health systems are rethinking their patient billing model, and VisitPay is here to help them build a better financial experience—one that works for them and their patients.

Partnering with WellSpan

WellSpan is an integrated health system that serves central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. With a revenue of over $3 billion, its impact on the community is significant. This partnership will bring a better payment model for the health system and a better experience for its patients.

“It’s an exciting time,” says Pat Saxman, Chief Growth Officer at VisitPay. “We’re already seeing tremendous benefits from the partnership with WellSpan.”

The relationship with WellSpan has shown how quick and efficient implementation of the VisitPay technology can be—even for a large health system. In a process that ordinarily can be lengthy for other technologies, VisitPay was up and running in only a few months.

Like many enterprise-level systems, WellSpan uses Epic, which is a second language for VisitPay and its integration process. The partnership is yet another example of how VisitPay technology can fit into an existing system, no matter the scale. “We can really enhance the features and make the Epic side of the house stronger,” says Saxman.

A Proven Solution

As health systems look to overhaul their financial experience, VisitPay provides a solution to accomplish that goal—easily, seamlessly, and with confidence.

Some health systems have tried to meet these advanced patient needs by simply evolving their current systems, but that has proven unsuccessful. The financial experience patients need is not a tweak to an outdated system. It’s rethinking the whole thing. “You’ve got to really break down the entire process and rebuild the billing experience,” says Saxman. “And since VisitPay has proven successful in doing that with these clients, this is really step one in meeting patient expectations.”

WellSpan and our other health system partners are leaders in their regions and communities. They’re complex organizations, serving millions of patients. They need a partner that has experience with similar systems—one with a proven solution. “We are solving the issue that most of these systems are all looking to solve,” says Saxman. “And we’ve got proven results to do it at a large scale.” That’s what made VisitPay the obvious solution for these partners—and many more to come.

In Good Company

In the past three months, VisitPay’s momentum continues to grow, partnering with four enterprise-level, industry leaders: Geisinger, Riverside Health System, ProHealth Care, and—most recently—WellSpan Health.

The addition of WellSpan and the other three major health systems signal a wave in the healthcare industry. Patients want to handle their payments in ways that are similar to how they pay bills in other industries. They want an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand digital experience. More health systems are now focusing on meeting those needs. They understand that it’s time to create an end-to-end patient journey in which the quality of the billing experience matches the clinical one.

“I think that any health system that’s not currently engaged in trying to solve this is way behind,” says Saxman.

Evolving a patient financial experience is about more than just adapting to industry changes, though. Health systems know that it offers a major competitive advantage. Patients will go where the overall experience is best, and their billing experience is a critical part of that. It’s also the right thing to do. A medical bill is a life event for patients, not just a simple transaction. It should be a smooth experience—one with empathy, transparency, and flexibility.

“Patients deserve more,” says Saxman. “They know that. They see that. And there are health systems taking the lead and responding—health systems like WellSpan. They are leading that effort.“

VisitPay is the only online financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire billing experience for both patients and health systems—providing greater transparency, choice and control.

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