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Taking the Patient Financial Experience Summit Virtual

For six years we’ve gathered some of the smartest minds in healthcare from across the country for our annual Patient Financial Experience Summit. Those past events featured two days of discussions focused on improving today’s patient financial experience—for the good of patients, providers, and all of healthcare. 

At these events, we’ve shared product roadmaps, hosted hands-on exercises, and held roundtable discussions. We’ve created opportunities for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, VPs of Revenue Cycle, VPs of Finance, and Heads of Patient Experience to have tailored conversations about the patient billing and payment experience. We’ve brought together thought leaders with our own VisitPay experts to discuss perspectives on the patient-as-payer era, revenue cycle trends, and the evolving healthcare consumer. 

Why do we do it? Time and time again we hear from our clients how valuable it is for them to hear from each other. They benefit by getting access to best practices and benchmarks from their peers at some of the country’s largest health systems. And we value our role in bringing these leaders together and facilitating these conversations on lessons learned, industry transformation, and ways to get started.

Our goal remains the same for this year’s Summit. But it will look quite different.

While we won’t be in-person, we will once again gather together—virtually. This year has shown us that supporting patients while sustaining health systems has never been more critical, more urgent. This year’s 7th Annual Patient Financial Experience Summit focuses on how health systems can prepare for and adapt to the rapid changes in healthcare—in no small part because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We call this shift in thinking “The New Now.” Yesterday’s approaches to patient billing and engagement no longer work; it’s clear that the industry needs new solutions. 

We’ll be connecting our clients with proprietary benchmarking data around charges, payments, the changing use of finance plans, and how to manage risk through credit policy. We’ll discuss how a digital-first approach for patient experience is the best strategy as we face the challenges ahead. And we’ll continue to learn from each other as we keep improving the patient financial experience—building “The New Now” together.


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