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Putting Patients First: Kent Ivanoff Named Top CEO

It’s an exciting time at VisitPay, and much of our momentum is thanks to our CEO and Co-Founder, Kent Ivanoff. That’s why we’re proud to announce his most recent recognition by The Healthcare Technology Report, naming him as one of its Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs of 2021. 

The award takes into account leadership within the industry, expertise in their particular field, consistency of performance, and other factors. In just the last year, Kent’s leadership and dedication to driving change have brought impressive milestones and results. VisitPay now services 10% of non-profit hospitals in the US (including many major health systems like Geisinger, Intermountain, Riverside, WellSpan, and ProHealth), sees Net Promoter Scores of 44 in an industry that averages 16-27, and processes over $800 million in annual payments. 

Since VisitPay’s beginnings, Kent has led with a commitment to create a patient-first approach to the patient financial journey. In fact, his focus started when he was Executive VP of Capital One Credit. Kent could see that the new Affordable Care Act would revolutionize access to healthcare for millions of Americans, but he also saw a problem. As the prevalence of HDHPs increased, along with the self-pay gap, the risks of surprise billing, medical debt, and financial literacy loomed over patients as they were handed the reins of their own healthcare. At this moment, Kent knew he wanted to help patients navigate their medical bills with compassion and flexible options—to fix the system before it was irreparably broken.

What he did was help give health systems the power to meet patients’ evolving needs. This means digital, easy-to-use platforms. It means flexible payment options based on segmentation. It means consolidation of bills and transparency of costs. By doing this, patients are able to understand and pay their financial obligations, leading to an overall better end-to-end experience. Health systems, meanwhile, receive higher rates of patient payments, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Kent’s commitment has always been to the community. That passion is visible at VisitPay and the work it does. Beyond quality clinical care, and even beyond a positive financial experience, Kent has instilled a belief that empathy matters. He takes his ideals beyond the walls and work of VisitPay, too. Kent is heavily involved in One Stone, a student-led nonprofit organization that empowers high schoolers to be leaders, by developing critical 21st-century skills—like collaboration, communication, innovation, and critical thinking.

Those 21st-century skills fostered at One Stone can also be seen in VisitPay’s CEO. As many health system partners have learned, when you put people first, good things follow.

VisitPay is on the move.

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