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Patient Financial Health Summit at the 9th Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting

On April 12th more than 50 finance and innovation leaders from some of the top health systems in the country came together for a four-hour summit on Patient Financial Health as part of the 9th Becker’s annual meeting.

We heard from leaders at Intermountain Healthcare, St. Luke’s Health System, R1, JP Morgan and the Kellogg School of Management. Each brought their perspective on how and why the space of patient payments in healthcare is ripe for change, and how that change is possible through the application of modern digital technologies, analytics and consumer finance strategies.

We also worked together to develop ways to help three representative patient groups by designing a tailored approach that would resonate with individuals going through three very different clinical situations. Collectively we realized that today the patient financial experience is the same regardless of clinical situation, but that we can (and should) design proactive approaches that meet the patient where they are, to make them happier and to improve the financial outcome for the provider.

It was a great morning. Here at VisitPay we’re grateful for the conversations we participated in and the relationships we forged. Watch the video below to get a sense of the discussions. And if you missed it, don’t worry. We’ll be doing more of the same at our annual summit in the fall. Get in touch to find out more about that, and how VisitPay is helping providers change the financial experience for their patients.

Watch the video:

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