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Looking Forward with VisitPay’s New Chief Growth Officer

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the VisitPay team: Pat Saxman. Our incoming Chief Growth Officer has big ideas on how to improve the financial experience for more providers and their patients.

Pat Saxman’s wide-ranging background gives him a unique perspective and experience to lead VisitPay to new grounds. Pat grew up in Florida and attended the United States Military Academy at West Point after being recruited to play baseball. In the Army, he became an Apache pilot, and eventually a Captain and executive officer. Next, Pat moved to GE Healthcare, where he sharpened his leadership skills and developed an expertise in healthcare and sales management. During his tenure at GE, he attended the University of San Francisco to complete an Executive MBA program. Pat then thrived with several smaller companies where he honed his commercial talents at building growth stage organizations. 

Now he’s ready to put those experiences and successes to work at VisitPay as Chief Growth Officer. 

One of the biggest hurdles for health systems, he believes, is helping them understand how problematic the current financial system is—and prioritizing improvement on behalf of patients. Pat’s eager to help change the way the industry looks at patient billing and make it a welcoming experience for patients. “Traditionally the industry has been focused on clinical delivery,” he says. “Patients may receive great clinical care, but some have a negative billing experience at the end. We want to fix that.” He wants to alleviate some of the fear that patients have about the healthcare system overall. “We have a solution that works for a large number of consumers and many different organizations within healthcare. There is a substantial market out there when it comes to the people that can benefit from VisitPay.” 

To Pat, the message is key. He says an important task will be developing “a clear message that can get the attention and grab mindshare from all the individuals who need to make these decisions.”

It’s an important decision that health systems need to make as they look for solutions to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The market’s going to have a higher need and demand for services like this,” says Pat. “[Health systems] have some serious revenue holes to patch, and we can help with that.” Implementing VisitPay in more health systems can help get patients back on track with their bill payments in a time of economic challenge.

In the end, Pat explains, the key to growth is looking at things holistically across the board. By digging in and uncovering what makes VisitPay’s current partnerships successful—pulling data, using historical information—he’s eager to turn those insights into repeatable solutions. 

With his love of being able to make meaningful decisions, being hands-on, and moving the needle in impactful ways, Pat will be right at home at VisitPay. These traits are exactly what makes Pat equipped and eager to continue addressing and meeting the challenges facing the healthcare industry. 


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