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How Intermountain Eliminates Confusion and Increases Yield

Patients deserve clarity

Imagine if you received a separate statement for every line item on your monthly credit card bill, or received different looking bills from the same restaurant for your entrée and your dessert—months after you’d dined there.

We wouldn’t accept this lack of clarity with other transactions in life but when it comes to healthcare the patient sometimes doesn’t have much of a choice. And considering today’s patients are faced with rising deductibles that put them on the hook for a larger portion of their bill than ever before, adding confusion about what’s owed only exacerbates the problem.  

Fortunately for patients of Salt Lake City’s Intermountain Healthcare, their provider is doing something to make bills easier to understand and pay.

All together now

Intermountain put themselves in the patient’s shoes and knew they needed to provide a more streamlined billing experience.

“One of the big issues that we’ve faced is: how can we create a more consistent, cohesive billing experience for the consumer, regardless of how we’ve segmented our business?” said Todd Craghead, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Intermountain.

This exploration led Craghead to VisitPay’s digital platform. The platform allows patients to consolidate, view, and pay all of their bills from a single digital access point. Patients are also given the option to set up a flexible payment plan within the platform. Since implementing VisitPay, Intermountain isn’t only eliminating confusion—they’re watching patient satisfaction and payments grow.

Want to increase payments? Give patients the experience they deserve

Billing transparency isn’t only something patients want—it’s something they’ve come to expect. For most consumers, interacting with a modern, user-friendly digital payment solution is a regular occurrence. As more healthcare providers follow Intermountain’s lead and embrace solutions that improve the patient financial relationship, the financial side of healthcare will begin to feel as good as the clinical side of healthcare.

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