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Focusing on Patient Experience Propels VisitPay to Top 19 Healthcare Startups List

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Too often, patients can have a fabulous clinical experience, but the financial experience that follows leaves them with a less than positive overall experience. So VisitPay focuses on creating the modern financial experience patients expect through a platform that gives them transparency and clarity around what they owe in one consolidated view, plus personalized financing options that allow them to choose how and when they pay.

At VisitPay, we believe the approach will change the way the industry thinks about the patient-as-payer to fundamentally transform healthcare billing.

That’s why, when Black Book takes note of the work we’re doing for patients and health systems, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Black Book Market Research, the leader in unbiased healthcare research, stated that VisitPay is one of 19 startups that “captured the approval of nationwide health consumers in a review of over two hundred startups.”

Black Book presented healthcare technologies to consumers and asked them a series of questions around demand, choice and delivery, innovation, and immediate value of the solutions.

VisitPay checked all the boxes, receiving an average score of 9 out of 10 across the four categories.

Patient experience is important to healthcare consumers, too, with 92% of those surveyed saying it should be a “strategic priority.” They called out features like virtual access points, online scheduling and payment, and price transparency—all key components of the VisitPay platform.

We believe that if we can increase patient satisfaction with the billing experience and elevate the end-to-end experience, we increase patient payment rates and create healthier financial futures for both patients and providers.

VisitPay is the only online financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire billing experience for both patients and health systems—providing greater transparency, choice and control.

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