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Bringing Patient Payments into the 21st Century

VisitPay CEO Kent Ivanoff

Our CEO, Kent Ivanoff sat down with Tom Salemi from Healthegy at the Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit in November to discuss challenges and solutions in patient billing. In this short video he discusses how patients are on the hook for their ever-increasing healthcare expenses and how that impacts health providers.

For health providers, managing patient payments with digital technologies can give patients a better experience that puts them in control of the process. Ivanoff also describes how VisitPay integrates with leading EMRs like Epic and Cerner, as well as with insurance providers, to bring transparency to the consumer. Tailored financing offers help to dramatically reduce bad debt and increase patient payment rates (yield) for providers.

Watch the film and find out how “we’re able to do things for the patient in a digital world that you just can’t do in a paper world.”

Discover how healthcare systems can survive and thrive in this digital world.

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VisitPay is the only online financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire billing experience for both patients and health systems—providing greater transparency, choice and control.

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