Features: VisitPay + J.P. Morgan Balance Transfer

We’re changing healthcare billing for good

Introducing balance transfer from visitpay with J.P. Morgan

Health systems need to find ways to make every dollar count—all while keeping consumers happy.

As a provider, you’ve got to be as operationally efficient as possible. And with rising patient obligation driving up longer term patient debt, you need to work with patients to increase payments. But the challenge is, as Bob Mueller at St. Luke’s Health System said, “It’s almost counterintuitive, but the harder your collection efforts are the less you’re going to collect.” Patients want to pay, but they need options and they need time. How do you give patients what they need without jeopardizing your own financial performance?

It’s time for an innovative approach

With balance transfer, you can now automatically transfer patient receivables from your balance sheet to one provided by VisitPay through an exclusive partnership with J.P. Morgan—enabling a seamless patient billing experience on an intuitive digital platform that is proven to drive payment yield.

Your Patients:

  • Have insight into what they owe and why
  • Enjoy payment options and flexibility
  • Continue to interact with the provider brand, not a third party
  • Get privacy and convenience

You get flexibility

  • Decide the parameters under which each visit may be placed on a finance plan.
  • Determine when patient obligations remain on your balance sheet, and when they move to VisitPay.
  • Deploy an advanced credit risk management policy for each consumer.
  • Monthly payments can be auto-debited from the consumer’s transaction account and immediately brokered to either you or VisitPay.

You get transparency

  • Borrowing costs based on your specific risk profile as measured by national rating agencies.
  • Very low cost loan origination and administration in a seamless digital platform.
  • Receive financing that reflects your risk profile and cost of capital.

You get trusted patient relationships

  • Dramatically improve the consumer experience while building trust between you and your patients.
  • Turn bad debt into incremental consumer payments.
  • We manage the necessary consumer disclosures to guarantee compliance with relevant state and federal laws.
  • Reconciliation tools provide complete and comprehensive accounting of the automated balance transfers and payment transactions.


How it works

infographic outlining VisitPay workflow



Get higher roi than any market alternative

  • Enjoy lower origination and servicing costs with our fully automated platform, and a lower cost of capital from J.P. Morgan.
  • Receive more payments—including 100% of the payment yield improvement.
  • Reduce your costs and drive better financial outcomes for your health system—all while preserving your patient and provider relationships.
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