Will Reilly

Will is the CMO at VisitPay. A former marketing VP at IBM, he’s now turning his twenty years marketing and consulting experience to help push the envelope of financial health for both health systems and patients. Will hails from Banbury, Oxfordshire and never shies from an opportunity to use his British slang.

Posts by Will Reilly:

Building Patient Loyalty in Healthcare

September 21, 2021   |   Will Reilly

Today I spoke with David Burton, Chief Revenue Officer at Indiana University Health. We discussed the [...]

Putting Patients First: An Industry Insider’s Perspective

September 1, 2021   |   Will Reilly

For our podcast series “The Patient Financial Journey Reimagined,” I sat down with Mac Boyter, healthcare [...]

Prioritizing Pre-Service at Texas Health Resources

August 11, 2021   |   Will Reilly

Today's guest, David Salsberry, is the Chief Revenue Officer at Texas Health Resources. In this episode, [...]

More Meaningful Ways to Pay at Intermountain Healthcare

July 21, 2021   |   Will Reilly

My guest today is Todd Craghead, VP of Revenue Cycle at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake [...]

Why the Patient Financial Experience Is the Key to Patient Loyalty

June 30, 2021   |   Will Reilly

Today's guest, Tammie Jackson, is the new HFMA National Chair and Vice President at TransUnion Healthcare. [...]

Why a Patient’s Financial Experience Matters

June 8, 2021   |   Will Reilly

My guest today is Michael Rawdan, senior director of revenue cycle at St. Luke's Health System [...]

Patient Satisfaction Starts with Feedback: Using Input to Improve the Financial Experience

April 6, 2021   |   Will Reilly

The world of healthcare is a difficult one for today’s patients to navigate, and the financial [...]

Removing the Friction from Healthcare Finance

March 16, 2021   |   Will Reilly

The healthcare industry has been approaching its much-needed digital revolution for some time. The traditional, paper-centric [...]

Addressing Healthcare Affordability to Better Serve Patients

March 19, 2020   |   Will Reilly

Affordability has been deemed the most urgent health problem in our country. And it’s impacting our [...]