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VisitPay is the only online financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire billing experience for both patients and health systems—providing greater transparency, choice and control.

Posts by VisitPay :

How VisitPay Keeps Your Launch on Track

August 14, 2019   |   VisitPay

Health systems have invested tremendous resources in integrated technology solutions to achieve better patient care, outcomes, [...]

Health System Operating Margins: Calculating a Higher Return

July 31, 2019   |   VisitPay

With the obligation of medical expenses increasingly shifting to consumers, health systems must adapt. Rather than [...]

How VisitPay Supercharges Your Epic Investment

July 10, 2019   |   VisitPay

Epic owns the largest share of the electronic health record (EHR) market at 28%. For the [...]

There’s More than Meets the Eye in Creating a Patient Friendly Bill

June 12, 2019   |   VisitPay

Imagine a shoulder injury sends you to the hospital. The good news is that there is [...]

Can Artificial Intelligence Reinvent the Healthcare Back Office?

June 4, 2019   |   VisitPay

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting topic in healthcare – one which is often associated with [...]

How Increasing Patient Responsibility Affects the Revenue Cycle

May 28, 2019   |   VisitPay

Patient payment behavior is changing the revenue cycle. Rising insurance deductibles and higher out-of-pocket medical expenses [...]

How Consumers Pay for Medical Care: Providing Better Ways to Ease the Pain of High Costs

May 8, 2019   |   VisitPay

According to a new study published by Gallup, Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for healthcare [...]

Raising the Bar in Healthcare Consumer Financing

May 7, 2019   |   VisitPay

For years, the healthcare industry has measured consumer satisfaction with clinical encounters through tried and trusted [...]

Solving Consumer Financial Experience—For Good

April 30, 2019   |   VisitPay

The discussion of money is one of our most enduring social taboos. Forthright conversations centered around [...]