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VisitPay is the only online financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire billing experience for both patients and health systems—providing greater transparency, choice and control.

Posts by VisitPay :

The Five-Point Plan of Action During COVID-19 

May 15, 2020   |   VisitPay

A blueprint to meet patient and provider financial needs in a time of crisis, now and [...]

COVID-19: How We Are Helping

April 10, 2020   |   VisitPay

COVID-19 has shaken our world, our way of life, and is deeply impacting our clients and [...]

Using Patient Insights to Reverse Declining Margins

April 1, 2020   |   VisitPay

Patients are responsible for an increasing share of medical costs. And this shift from insurance companies [...]

Putting the Patient First: How User Experience Design Improves the Patient Financial Experience

March 10, 2020   |   VisitPay

No matter how good their clinical experience may have been, if patients have trouble making a [...]

How Sphere and VisitPay Enable Health Systems to Meet Consumer Expectations Through Text to Pay 

March 5, 2020   |   VisitPay

This post originally appeared on In this Q&A, Vincent Martino, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder [...]

Better Together: An Enhanced Financial Experience for Patients and Providers

February 27, 2020   |   VisitPay

The value of the TransUnion Healthcare and VisitPay partnership and what it means to both providers [...]

On a Mission to Improve the Financial Experience: VisitPay Welcomes Carilion Clinic

January 13, 2020   |   VisitPay

While most health systems strive to improve the health of communities, there are few who are [...]

3 Takeaways from HFMA: Getting to Know Your Patient and Creating a Personalized Financial Experience

November 21, 2019   |   VisitPay

The 2019 HFMA Region 9 Annual Conference was held in downtown New Orleans November 10-12. A [...]

Why Analytics and Data Insights Are the Health System’s North Star

October 22, 2019   |   VisitPay

True North represents the ideal vision from the standpoint of the patient and the health system [...]