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VisitPay is the only online financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire billing experience for both patients and health systems—providing greater transparency, choice and control.

Posts by VisitPay :

Taking the Patient Financial Experience Summit Virtual

September 24, 2020   |   VisitPay

For six years we’ve gathered some of the smartest minds in healthcare from across the country [...]

How the Lessons of 2008 Can Help Health Systems Navigate 2020

September 17, 2020   |   VisitPay

Health systems across the country are quickly adapting to a new reality brought on by the [...]

Measuring ROI in the World of AI

September 9, 2020   |   VisitPay

Artificial Intelligence continues to improve, providing businesses with greater efficiencies, task automation, fewer opportunities for error, [...]

Build a Better Financial Experience with the 2020 VisitPay Report

September 1, 2020   |   VisitPay

One thing is certain about the healthcare industry: it’s changing for good. Health systems are moving [...]

Looking Forward with VisitPay’s New Chief Growth Officer

August 27, 2020   |   VisitPay

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the VisitPay team: Pat Saxman. Our incoming Chief [...]

Geisinger Builds a Better Patient Financial Experience with VisitPay

August 19, 2020   |   VisitPay

Healthcare leaders are always on the lookout for current trends. The most successful of them, though, [...]

What Patients Want from the Healthcare Payment Experience

August 13, 2020   |   VisitPay

Just a decade ago, our health system clients averaged around 5% of their revenue due from [...]

Accelerate Revenue Recovery With Patient-Friendly Billing

August 5, 2020   |   VisitPay

We’re experiencing the first recessionary environment since the rise of high deductible health plans in 2010. [...]

Humanize and Optimize Patient Payment Options in the COVID Economy

July 29, 2020   |   VisitPay

While healthcare can quickly become a medical priority, the resultant bills are unlikely to become a [...]