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Digital Transformation, Human Connections: The Patient Financial Experience Summit

September 16, 2021   |   VisitPay

Over the past year, healthcare has had a reckoning in regard to the digitization of the [...]

Measuring the Patient Financial Experience: A Discussion with Healthcare Industry Experts

September 8, 2021   |   VisitPay

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly clear to both patients and health [...]

Patient Loyalty Q&A: How Health Industry Finance Leaders Build Relationships That Last 

August 24, 2021   |   VisitPay

When it comes to brand loyalty, the healthcare industry faces the same expectations other industries do: [...]

End-to-End Patient Engagement: Key Panel Takeaways 

August 18, 2021   |   VisitPay

In today’s world, the typical patient experience is stressful, uncomfortable, and often fraught with unwelcome surprises. [...]

Patient Financial Journey Q&A: Industry Leaders Weigh-in

August 3, 2021   |   VisitPay

As health systems continue to shift their approach to address growing patient financial responsibility, one thing [...]

How Price Transparency Empowers Patient Engagement

July 7, 2021   |   VisitPay

As health systems look to improve the patient financial experience, price transparency should be at the [...]

Mount Nittany Health Prioritizes the Patient Financial Experience

June 24, 2021   |   VisitPay

For Mount Nittany Health, the goal was simple: improve the patient’s experience. To accomplish this, they [...]

A Conversation with Health System CFOs: Insights into the Patient Financial Experience

June 15, 2021   |   VisitPay

Pat Saxman, Chief Growth Officer at VisitPay, recently had the opportunity to meet with CFOs from [...]

Patients Speak Up: The 2021 VisitPay Report

June 2, 2021   |   VisitPay

At VisitPay, we know the value of evaluating current trends and data and listening to the [...]