Narayan Vaidyanathan

Narayan is a Senior Manager for Consumer Marketing at VisitPay. His expertise is in consumer acquisition and engagement, and he works with clients on developing strategies for patient adoption of the VisitPay platform. Narayan has worked in marketing and product roles at Amazon and Marriott prior to joining VisitPay. He holds an MBA from Cornell University and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri. Outside of work, Narayan loves to coach his kid’s soccer team, get a workout on the badminton court or learn new riffs on the guitar.

Posts by Narayan Vaidyanathan:

Keys to Driving Patient Adoption of a Digital Payment Platform

January 21, 2020   |   Narayan Vaidyanathan

It’s a common challenge. Health systems recognize the need for an intelligent, digital payment platform to [...]