Kent F. Ivanoff

Kent is a seasoned business leader who has delivered breakthrough results in a multitude of consumer finance and payments businesses. Prior to co-founding VisitPay, Kent was the Executive Vice President, US Card Division for Capital One Financial. Kent lives in Boise, ID with his wife of 25 years and two children.

Posts by Kent F. Ivanoff:

Skills for the Next Generations of Leaders: What We Learned from ’08 + COVID

July 27, 2021   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

Consumer expectations have been changing (since the dawn of the digital age 20 years ago), and [...]

Investing in Healthcare’s “Other Side of the Coin”   

July 13, 2021   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

The pandemic put a much-needed spotlight on healthcare. For most providers, the digital advances experienced in [...]

Lessons Learned from the Great Recession: How Consumers Change the Way They Pay 

April 23, 2020   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

Kent Ivanoff remembers the Great Recession 12 years ago and tells us what we might expect [...]

Better Together: Supercharging Epic Elevates the Patient Financial Experience at INTEGRIS Health

December 5, 2019   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

We’re delighted that Epic is sharing the story of how Epic and VisitPay technologies are being [...]

The Patient Financial Health Summit: Improving the Patient Payment Experience—For Good

August 28, 2019   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

As we scroll through our newsfeeds, it’s easy to believe that the financial challenges posed by [...]

2018 in Review: Looking Back and Assessing the Road Ahead

January 2, 2019   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

As we close the books on 2018, it’s a good time to take stock of how [...]

Not Another Trends Blog: Identifying the Drivers of Tomorrow’s Patient Financial Experience

October 30, 2018   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

As we take stock of where we are in transforming the patient financial experience, we can [...]

VisitPay 3.0: Taking the Patient Financial Experience to a Whole New Level

September 19, 2018   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

“We help people manage patient bills for good.” When we founded VisitPay in 2010, we embraced [...]

The Payer in the Waiting Room

August 8, 2018   |   Kent F. Ivanoff

Note: This is an excerpt of an article originally that appeared on HMFA NJ.  In recent [...]