What Patients Really Want: A Personal Relationship with Their Health System

Providers from across the Northwest met together at the Idaho HFMA Summer Conference for discussions focused on personalizing patient financial care and engagement.

Kathryn Rouse, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle Customer Experience at Providence, shared about her system’s all-hands initiative to care for patients in which every team member is referred to as a “caregiver” irrespective of the clinical or non-clinical nature of their job. When near a patient, each caregiver is encouraged to interact with them by saying hello or asking them how they are doing. She attributed increased patient satisfaction and brand loyalty to these system-wide initiatives.   

Another panel focused on the lack of transparency as the largest dissatisfier in a patient’s healthcare experience. The proposed solutions included easy-to-understand bills in both print and digital formats, better up-front education of costs, and digital payment options for each patient.

When considering how to best take care of patients, everyday interactions can provide valuable insight. Patients (people) feel more at home when they move from stranger to familiar.

Providers across the nation have rolled out sophisticated medical record systems that enable caregivers to deliver a one-for-one experience in clinical settings. Doctors know, among many other things, height, weight, treatment history, allergies, and medications. All of this allows him or her to tailor treatment specifically to patients’ needs and attain great outcomes, which means they get better.

Contrast this with another healthcare outcome:

A recent CNBC report shows that “Bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical bills will affect nearly 2 million people this year, making health care the No. 1 cause of such filings, and outpacing bankruptcies due to credit-card bills or unpaid mortgages.”

High-deductible health plans and rising medical costs mean clinical outcomes are now only a part of the story.

VisitPay’s mission is to help providers achieve great patient financial health outcomes. One part of our approach is creating a “you-know-me” financial experience for each patient. Our best-in-class scoring model informs providers of each patient’s propensity to pay and ability to pay their medical bills. With a precise understanding of each patient’s financial needs providers can prescribe tailored financial treatment in the form of payment plans, discounts, and charity care.

VisitPay also allows patients to self-treat. To make a healthy financial decision, patients may need to manage their entire household, pay with an HSA, or access their account on-the-go from their phone. Our platform flexes to accommodate each patient’s configurations, creates a one-for-one patient financial experience, and drives patient financial outcomes like a 40% increase in patient billing satisfaction after using VisitPay.

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