The Definition of Client Success 

with Brian Wiley

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My guest today, Brian Wiley, spent nearly 15 years at Capital One, most recently as their CEO for Mass Market US Card, prior to joining VisitPay as our VP of Client Success. This episode will focus on a few topics: what Brian calls Pandora’s mailbox and the stress that random unending bills in a mailbox can cause customers, a definition of client success that’s all about building relationships, how you can learn from your clients to make better decisions, why you should be thinking digitally first in all things, and more.

VisitPay is the only patient financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire patient billing experience. Through VisitPay, health systems can create a seamless, singular point of interaction that radically reshapes the billing experience by providing greater transparency, choice, and control to patients, all while generating high yield. Our mission is to create better financial relationships between health systems and their patients.

We hope you give this episode a listen.



  • Client success within VisitPay [1:43]
  • Pandora’s mailbox [3:09]
  • Building relationships [5:42]
  • Learning from the client [9:15]
  • Digital first [11:00]



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The Client Success Team at VisitPay helps our clients get the most out of the VisitPay application.

“At VistPay, we provide options to patients with limited cash flow to help them resolve their financial obligations with health systems.”

Client success means being a part of a health system’s process to meet all of their patients needs.

VisitPay stands out because we work with each health system as individual clients.

VisitPay focuses on digital first because that’s what consumers want.

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