Self-service Is the Future

with Scott Houle

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In today’s episode, I’m joined by my colleague, Scott Houle, The Manager of User Research and Design at VisitPay.  In this interview, we talk about why self-service is a critical part of an organization’s approach to healthcare payments, how to use feedback to create harmony and streamline systems, evaluating and consolidating the steps that patients take in the process, and more.

VisitPay is the only patient financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire patient billing experience. Through VisitPay, health systems can create a seamless, singular point of interaction that radically reshapes the billing experience by providing greater transparency, choice, and control to patients, all while generating high yield. Our mission is to create better financial relationships between health systems and their patients.

We hope you give this episode a listen.


  • Scott Houle’s background [1:47]
  • Self-servicing is key [6:22]
  • Evaluating and consolidating steps [7:44]
  • Streamlining and creating harmony [9:46]
  • Quantitative and qualitative feedback [11:23]
  • Self-servicing and the future [16:46]


Scott Houle on LinkedIn


Self-serving is the key to moving forward for health systems.

It’s harder for people to pay their bill if there are multiple ways on the same page to do it.

VisitPay has become more involved with meeting health systems and their teams.

VisitPay makes for an easier experience, like the user expects.

Qualitative and quantitative feedback are just as important.

We foster a conversation with the client and walk through the experience.

Self-service has a future in preventing the need to call in.

Information gathered improves the overall experience, not just billing.

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