Riverside and VisitPay Team Up for a Patient-First Payment Model

Riverside Health System, eastern Virginia’s premier health provider, takes great pride in the level of care they offer their patients. Their world-class doctors and nurses are known for their compassion and human touch.

But Riverside identified an opportunity for improvement within the patient journey. When it was time for patients to meet their financial obligations, the level of care didn’t match the clinical experience. “We weren’t offering the same supportive, caring approach,” said Charlie Graham, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Riverside.

“We see examples everywhere of people who sacrifice their health because they can’t solve the problem of how they’re going to pay,” he said. The Riverside team wanted to be part of the solution—by improving the financial experience for patients.

Riverside decided to commit to enhancing the end-to-end patient experience. They wanted patients to be able to walk away from their treatment and say: “Riverside took care of me—every step of the way.”

To make that happen, they searched for a financial model that was supportive, helpful, and patient-first.

Tailored. Consistent. And Patient-first.

The Riverside team knew patients wanted to fulfill their payment obligations. It was just a matter of giving them that power. “We wanted to help [patients] solve their financial problems,” said Graham. “So that they can take care of their health. And we needed a tool to help us do that.”

They heard about VisitPay from Carilion Clinic and Inova Health System. “So I asked them about it,” said Graham. “And they kept going on and on about it—that it changes everything. We wanted to be part of that.”

One of the main goals Riverside had when partnering with VisitPay was to find a way to tailor plans to their patients. They knew that a one-size-fits-all solution wasn’t going to work anymore. A patient-first financial solution would enable Riverside to meet patients where they are and to customize payment plans to the patients’ abilities.

“Their patients are first at Riverside,” said Terry Warren, the executive leading the work with VisitPay. “And so that’s really what they’re trying to focus on—having the flexibility to tailor those compassionate, automated financial treatments to each specific patient.”

To offer that sort of flexibility, consistency is crucial. Riverside needed a system that could regulate and automate their offers. Through VisitPay, they are able to tap into cutting-edge technology, algorithms, and AI so that all patient-facing encounters can be tailored fairly and evenly. Riverside’s team can now be consistent when dealing with customers—whether through a call center, on their smartphone, or with other tools—making sure customers in similar financial positions get the exact same quality treatment.

“It’ll give our associates a sense of comfort that they are being consistent,” said Graham. “And treating everyone fairly and kindly and in accordance with their needs—based on where they are at that point in time.”

A Common Goal

Riverside is committed to caring for their patients throughout their entire journey—creating relationships built on compassion, transparency, and fairness. With the help of VisitPay, Riverside is better able to deliver on that commitment. They’re now set up to ensure that the level of care a patient receives during the financial part of the experience is equal to the care they were given during the clinical treatment.

Riverside sets new standard for care

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