Putting Patients First: An Industry Insider’s Perspective

with Mac Boyter

The Patient Financial Journey Reimagined

Listen now: Putting Patients First: An Industry Insider’s Perspective

The Patient Financial Journey Reimagined Podcast
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For our podcast series “The Patient Financial Journey Reimagined,” I sat down with Mac Boyter, healthcare industry expert and Research Director at KLAS Research. From his unique vantage point, he shared insights on what healthcare providers are looking for and what technology participants like VisitPay are doing to meet those needs. 

One topic that resonated in our conversation was how health systems drive change around the patient experience by putting patients first. As Mac sees it, these health systems often have “the best outcomes because those patients are driving the conversation through NPS and feedback.” By listening and adapting to what patients need and expect, health systems are able to increase patient satisfaction—engendering patient loyalty. Catch the rest of our conversation in our latest episode from “Against the Odds: The Path to Patient Loyalty.”

I also asked Mac what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a research director at KLAS. Let’s just say, we weren’t surprised by his answer. Have a listen and see if you aren’t either.


  • Mac’s background [1:16]
  • A seamless patient financial journey [1:52]
  • Building patient loyalty [3:59]
  • The consumerization of healthcare [7:56]
  • Social good in new payment technologies [10:34]
  • Health system priorities when selecting a patient financial experience platform [13:19]
  • Health systems that innovate and drive change [16:42]
  • KLAS’ vision: to be accurate, honest, and impartial [18:53]



“Organizations like VisitPay offer fiduciary benefits to providers. But there are tangential benefits of engendering patient loyalty by making patient billing a seamless experience.”

“With the consumerization of healthcare, people expect an Amazon experience, where there is full transparency on goods prior to purchase, and where they can manage payments after.”

“Technology is not a driver of satisfaction or even of outcomes in most cases. It’s technology paired with a pedigree of quality training and strong service routes alongside it.”

“Providers that listen to their patient populations asking for a more consumer-driven, transparent, accessible, flexible experience see outcomes in patient satisfaction and loyalty.”

“When it comes to EMR vendors, KLAS research shows provider organizations are looking for ‘best in breed’ vs ‘jack of all trades’ that offers analogous or overlapping functionality.”

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