Protecting Client and Patient Data

with Dana Cook

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My guest today, Dana Cook, brings 18 years of experience in Compliance and Technology from companies including Ernst & Young, URS, Micron Technology, and now VisitPay. This episode will focus on a few topics: what do compliance managers do and why it is so vital, why protecting private information is so important in healthcare today, what to do when technology is outpacing the frameworks for compliance, the single weakest link when it comes to protecting client and patient data, and more.

VisitPay is the only patient financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire patient billing experience. Through VisitPay, health systems can create a seamless, singular point of interaction that radically reshapes the billing experience by providing greater transparency, choice, and control to patients, all while generating high yield. Our mission is to create better financial relationships between health systems and their patients.

We hope you give this episode a listen.


  • Compliance Manager at VisitPay [1:27]
  • Protecting private information [4:28]
  • The best for clients and the patients [9:17]
  • Client reputation and nonprofit status risk [10:30]
  • Protecting client and patient data [12:28]


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“At VisitPay, I ensure that we are continuing the control processes throughout the year, not just when the audit begins.”

“If we don’t protect the information we’re given, it can lead to stress and anxiety about theft or fraud.”

“At VisitPay, we try to exceed the compliance framework through advancing technology.”

“A risk for VisitPay clients is reputation if private information is exposed.”

“The weakest link when protecting private data is the human factor.”

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