Prioritizing Pre-Service at Texas Health Resources

with David Salsberry

The Patient Financial Journey Reimagined

Listen now: Prioritizing Pre-Service at Texas Health Resources

The Patient Financial Journey Reimagined Podcast
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Today’s guest, David Salsberry, is the Chief Revenue Officer at Texas Health Resources.

In this episode, David makes a keen differentiation between using the term consumer over the term patient and why that is so important. We also talk about the guiding principles around the patient’s financial experience, clarity, consistency, and compassion. Also, David shares his perspective on why it’s crucial to engage consumers on their terms early in the financial process.

Texas Health Resources is a faith-based and community-focused not-for-profit entity. It has revenues of about $4.5 billion. It covers a broad spectrum of services, from hospitals to physicians to behavioral health services, rehab, sports medicine, diagnostic and surgical centers. It employs 33,000 employees and has over 6,300 physicians and over 350 points of access in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Recently, it was recognized as number seven on the Forbes Best 100 Companies to Work for. 

We hope you give this episode a listen.


  • David’s background [0:41]
  • Why Texas Health Resources is a great place to work [2:56]
  • Improving the patient financial experience  [3:54]
  • Three principles to focus on: clarity, consistency, and compassion [7:18]
  • The importance of compassion and how to use technology to help with that approach [9:16]
  • Challenges of setting expectations for costs [10:33]
  • Three core things patients look for [12:56]
  • Providing financial care for all [18:36]
  • David’s most significant takeaway from 2020 [21:40]


David Salsberry’s LinkedIn

Texas Health Resources


“We are transitioning into a consumer intelligence stage, where consumers want information before they access care.”

“I would counsel my peers that there is still a digital-second population. These people may not want a digital solution and prefer the traditional patient financial experience.”

“There are three core things patients are looking for. They’re looking for cost transparency, payment options and flexibility, and financial assistance.”

“Meet consumers where they’re at because people pay their bills differently.”

“The challenge for the revenue cycle leaders is that we really need to set expectations around costs. Across the population, there are varied expectations of what costs should be.”

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