Milestones & Momentum: A Podcast with CEO Kent Ivanoff

Listen now: Milestones & Momentum: A Podcast with CEO Kent Ivanoff

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About this podcast:

VisitPay has been making big news lately—news that continues to demonstrate how we’re the leading choice for enterprise health systems wishing to improve the patient financial experience. In fact, market validation from KLAS confirmed these sentiments, too.

We’ve added new partnerships with some of the country’s largest healthcare systems, including Geisinger, WellSpan Health, Carilion Clinic, Riverside Health, and ProHealth Care.

We chalk up this momentum to a growing movement within the healthcare industry—one that recognizes, more and more, the importance of building a financial experience that puts the patient first. 

Listen in as Kent Ivanoff, CEO and Co-Founder of VisitPay highlights some of the remarkable achievements VisitPay has accomplished in a year that brought more challenges than anyone could have expected. That drive and dedication remain center stage for 2021. As Ivanoff says, “We continue to work hard to earn the trust of our clients and the healthcare community, and I know there’s so much more we can do together.”

Big Takeaways:

  • In the last year, 100% of our clients that were eligible to renew with VisitPay chose to do so, and in every case, the renewal term dwarfed the one prior. 
  • VisitPay is now accessible to patients across 235 US hospitals, approaching 1 in every 10 not-for-profit hospitals in the country.
  • Partner milestones:
    • The team at Intermountain Healthcare surpassed half a million VisitPay users and is facilitating nearly $20 million in patient payments every month.
    • St. Luke’s Health System has seen patient satisfaction with the billing experience increase by more than 100% over using Epic by itself, and payment yield improve by 29% over Epic by itself. 
    • Inova Health System saw patient adoption of the VisitPay platform impressively rise to over 80% in the last year. 

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