How VisitPay Supercharges Your Epic Investment

Epic owns the largest share of the electronic health record (EHR) market at 28%. For the health systems that use it, Epic represents their most significant, ongoing technology investment.

It’s no surprise, then, that the decision to purchase additional clinical or financial solutions is based primarily on how well they play with that core system.

With more Epic-based health systems adopting VisitPay, we reached out to Allison Wear, VisitPay’s Billing System Specialist and one of our resident Epic experts, to understand not only how the VisitPay platform complements Epic but also enables it to become a dynamic engine of innovation and personalized patient experiences.

Allison has more than 11 years’ experience in end-to-end health system revenue cycle management and in-depth knowledge of billing systems. Prior to VisitPay, she worked for St. Luke’s Health System, a long-time VisitPay client and the largest non-profit health system in Idaho. There she worked as a customer service agent and as a trainer for the health system’s revenue cycle software products.

Today, her role at VisitPay includes helping clients stand up the platform, build configurations in Epic and help test VisitPay/Epic integration. She also advises our clients on the best ways to implement Epic in concert with VisitPay, to best take advantage of VisitPay’s high patient satisfaction results and payment rates. Allison also holds certifications in Epic’s Hospital Billing, Hospital Billing Claims, and Single Business Office.

A transcript of our conversation with Allison follows.

VisitPay: What’s the question you are most often asked by potential clients regarding VisitPay’s impact on their Epic investment?

Allison: The length of the implementation. We take a phased approach for building into Epic, so we can bring a client up in 60 to 90 days.

VisitPay: Could you walk me through that compressed timeframe?

Allison: We have the groundwork standardized in advance. For example, we use playbooks, which include the baseline specs a client needs to build into Epic. These playbooks help clients walk through the decisions they need to make in order to complete the Epic build and configurations in a short amount of time.

Because I am Epic certified, I can sit side by side with the health system and walk them through all the necessary testing, builds, and validation.

VisitPay: How does VisitPay work with Epic’s MyChart module?

Allison: While MyChart offers features for making payments and setting up basic payment plans, VisitPay dramatically increases patient payment rates and patient satisfaction, in large part by how we create highly personalized offers and experiences. We know how important Epic is to our clients and ultimately we complement MyChart by enabling a patient to seamlessly access VisitPay through MyChart while providing such a personalized experience. We can dynamically create different experiences in MyChart depending on the client’s preferences.

We’re able to provide these experiences and performance capabilities because VisitPay’s scoring and analytics deliver patient-level intelligence that’s unbeaten by any outside providers. VisitPay can create a patient profile that determines how likely they are to pay, which helps the health system decide how to best prioritize that account and engage with the patient. We provide granular insights into patients and how they approach medical bills. We know how quickly they pay and we can nudge them into a certain payment frame.

VisitPay empowers health systems to measure consumer feedback, so engagement and experience strategies can be continuously refined based on measurable evidence.

VisitPay: How well does VisitPay play with other Epic modules?

Allison: Another piece that frequently comes up with MyChart is our ability to integrate with Epic’s Community Connect. This module allows for the easy transfer of data of patients moved between organizations within a larger network.

In most cases, those affiliated clinics are using different practice management systems for their charging, registration, and scheduling, but maybe they’re using MyChart features to reach their patient base. VisitPay’s versatility enables clients to keep Community Connect intact while sending the rest of their network through VisitPay.

VisitPay: Some might argue that whether you go with MyChart or VisitPay, you are still dealing with financial obligations, which is never fun for anyone.

Allison: That’s true, which is why we focus on experience over collections. Patients want a great experience—and the quality of that experience often influences a consumer’s likelihood to pay. If you are able to make paying off financial obligations manageable and easy for patients, there’s not only a greater chance of them paying in full but also a greater chance that they will stay loyal to your health system and recommend it to friends and family.

For the health systems that use them, Epic EHR systems represent the hub of clinical, financial and administrative operations. Innovating with and customizing this core system requires a technology partner that offers granular expertise within Epic that enables health systems to move from standard capabilities to innovative and continuously evolving consumer-centric strategies.

Learn more how VisitPay integrates with Epic in "5 Reasons Why VisitPay Is the Right Choice to Complement Your Epic Strategy."

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