How VisitPay and Sphere Put Convenience at the Heart of the Payment Experience

This is a guest post from Ryne Natzke, Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Healthcare at Sphere.

It’s no secret that patient responsibility makes up more provider revenue than ever and out of pocket costs continue to rise. This paradigm continues to put pressure on all stakeholders as providers need new tools to engage patients, communicate what is owed, and provide flexible methods of payment.

Seamlessly Connected Consumer Experience

Giving patients an experience they deserve and expect requires the technology that engages them to meet them across the patient journey. Unlike many other industries, healthcare does not have a single demographic and provider communication needs to be able to reach a variety of different types of patients. Healthcare providers need a combination of technology solutions across the care continuum to improve patient billing, offering patient portals, websites, mobile apps, kiosks, IVR systems, and more to provide better access to billing information and greater payment flexibility.

Since our inception, Sphere’s payment platform was designed to enable our partners to securely accept payments in a rapidly changing landscape while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance.

VisitPay and Sphere Put Payments in the Palm of Patients’ Hands

Our partners continue to amaze us with their innovation and how they use our platform to enable patient-centric payments.  Sphere’s partnership with VisitPay is no exception.  When the VisitPay team showed how they were able to use the Sphere platform to bring payments to SMS, we knew this was something that would be widely adopted. With Text to Pay, providers can take payments over SMS without exposing any sensitive card or patient information and without needing to download an app.

This solution gives patients another option to pay their bill quickly and conveniently. It adds to the tools already available, such as the patient portal, at the point of care, over the phone, and on the provider’s website.

Sphere is proud and excited to collaborate with VisitPay to offer our healthcare systems the ability to securely accept patient payments via text messages.  With more than 97% of smartphone owners’ texting regularly, it is a natural solution for improving on-time payments and delivering an exceptional user experience.

How It Works

After a quick setup to save their preferred communication and payment methods, the patient receives a notification when they have a new balance. With the response of a couple of text messages, the patient is able to pay their entire balance or set up recurring payments to their card or ACH account on file. This innovative solution complements existing payment channels already in place to give patients an additional, convenient way to pay their healthcare bills. There is no faster or easier way to authorize a transaction. Payments are posted automatically to the corresponding visit in the billing system, ensuring convenience and efficiency for the provider revenue cycle team.

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