High Scores: Carilion Clinic Reaches Measurable Results with Patient-First Approach

Carilion Clinic is committed to providing the best possible care for its patients. And they know that “care” goes beyond clinical treatment. Each touchpoint, each communication, each interaction is not an isolated encounter to the patient. It’s all part of one cohesive patient journey. That’s why Carilion took a step back to examine their entire patient experience—from the first visit to final payment—and dedicated themselves to creating a patient-first approach.

They made things easier for patients, which enabled them to exceed their original expectations.

“We are constantly on the march to identify and implement enhancements to the relationship that we have with our patients—not just from a clinical perspective, but also in terms of the financial experience,” says Don Halliwill, Executive Vice President and CFO of Carilion Clinic. “And so, some of the things that we’re super focused on now (with Carilion Bill Pay through VisitPay) are platform transparency, self-service, and flexibility for patients.”

Their efforts paid off, with measurable results that paint a picture of a completely new patient relationship. The success of the transition has continued to grow, making for an even more profound impact on the patient experience as more patients adopt the platform. These two results tell the story:

1. People wanted the new digital platform. 

Carilion registered 30,000 new users in six months. In comparison, they had registered 25,000 users on Epic—and that had taken two years. They quickly learned that adoption of Carilion Bill Pay would be fast and wide, and that implementation was easy for both patient and provider.

2. People love the platform.
The Net Promoter Score of Carilion Bill Pay has steadily increased since adoption, now approaching a score of 40. That’s twice the industry average, and roughly what customer-loved brands such as Target, Mercedes-Benz, and UPS score. 

We’re thrilled for Carilion Clinic and its recent successes, and proud to be a partner in the transformation of their patient financial experience and beyond. Their story shows that a patient-first approach is the right approach. It’s the best way to give patients the high-quality care they deserve, throughout their entire journey. 

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