Growth at VisitPay Calls for New Headquarters

Like a lot of startups, VisitPay started in a basement. Our two founders, Kent Ivanoff and Vince Martino, used to meet in Kent’s basement — drawing out ideas and plans on paper (no napkin sketches in our lore). After years in consumer finance at Capital One, they certainly believed that one day their fledgling idea for patient financial health would warrant needing office space. That was nine years ago and VisitPay did move from the basement to an office building. And now we’re planning to move to an even bigger, more collaborative space… right next door.  

We’ve talked a lot about how important patient financial health is — and others have taken note. Our growth spurt is a result of expanding our new client roster, keeping our current clients happy, and meeting with health systems who are curious about how to drive patient satisfaction. Over the last year and a half, our full-time employee base jumped up 55%. Our current office is exploding at the seams!

At the beginning of June, our employees will move to our new, remodeled headquarters. While some of us call the cement exterior “Soviet Chic,” the interior space is large, open and inviting. This open floor plan encourages the collaborative nature of our teams and allows us to occupy the same space for what seems like the very first time. In addition to the open floor plan, our walls will be splashed with our mission statement and user quotes that we’ve collected from surveys within our online platform — words that inspire us every day on why we do what we do.

We’re incredibly excited about this move — and the opportunity and ability — it gives us to better serve our health system clients and their patients, for good.

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