Focusing on Patient Health at Inova: 5 Key Implementation Takeaways

VisitPay co-hosted a webinar with Becker’s Hospital Review and Inova to discuss why Inova is implementing VisitPay to help build trusted relationships with their patient consumers.

During the session, Wendy Alexander, Vice President, Data Analytics and Client Services, at VisitPay, joined Liz Ward, Inova’s Vice President of Revenue Cycle, and Drew Cobb, Vice President of Clinical Applications to learn how and why Inova is deploying VisitPay.

Here’s a summary of five key implementation success factors the Inova team shared during the session.

Missed the webinar? No problem. Watch the recorded webinar at the bottom of this post.

1. Choose a platform that offers customization, at any scale

Achieving better outcomes throughout the entire patient experience and revenue cycle is central to Inova’s customer experience vision. To provide patients with the information and payment options that meet individualized needs within certain parameters, Inova needed a digital platform that could offer customization, at any scale. Here are Inova’s top three expected outcomes:

  • Gain flexibility to meet the work and workflow requirements to support Inova;
  • Improve the patient experience throughout the revenue cycle—including providing patients with the information and tools they need to meet their financial obligations;
  • Improve collections while reducing bad debt and lowering administrative costs.

“Using VisitPay allows us to provide excellent patient experience and revenue cycle, while delivering better outcomes in terms of collecting both short-term and long-term obligations.”—Liz Ward, Inova’s VP of Revenue Cycle

2. Personalize the patient experience with segmentation

Revenue cycle is a critical part of patient experience. Inova is using segmentation combined with the data they already have about individual patients to customize each patient’s interactions.

In the past, Inova prioritized contacting patients who had outstanding balances based on criteria such as the size or age of the balance. Liz Ward summed up the situation as follows: “We did not have any deeper knowledge or understanding about whether our call would be helpful or even necessary; now with the information and tools available, Inova has a lot more understanding about our patients’ circumstances and can tailor our coverage more individually.”

Optimization of the Inova call center resources enables staff to spend more time on complex accounts. Inova can now focus resources on the patients who will benefit most from the contact, as opposed to reaching out to everyone, regardless of whether a patient needs a call, or whether that outreach will be beneficial. By managing resources more efficiently, Inova can provide better assistance to those patients that need extra attention, or assistance to the patients that are more likely to need it.

“VisitPay allows us to tailor the interaction based on more relevant information rather than some of more the blunt policies and processes that we used previously. Being able to operationalize resources in a way which makes them more efficient and effective is a huge advantage in the current healthcare environment.”—Liz Ward, Inova’s VP of Revenue Cycle

3. Everyone wins with a consumer-financing approach

It’s imperative to find options to assist patients in meeting higher financial obligations. Everyone benefits when there is room to be flexible about financial solutions. Other industries have been providing consumers with financing options for a long time.

The VisitPay management team’s insight into consumer financing is reflected in the solution, and one of the things Inova regards as a differentiator. That same depth of understanding is something the VisitPay management team brings to the healthcare market—and continues to bring to patients and providers as the product develops.

“The VisitPay platform provides Inova patients with the right tools and solutions to enable them to meet those obligations. Patients that have different situations and needs, can take advantage of different solutions that are more applicable to those needs. The VisitPay platform gives our consumers the ability to easily understand their financial situation and their bills.” —Liz Ward, Inova’s VP of Revenue Cycle

4. Freedom to make ongoing configuration changes is essential

Healthcare is the most regulated industry in the country. Having the freedom and flexibility to make necessary changes is important to ensuring regulatory compliance can be achieved without breaking the bank or the system.

The ability to adjust to updates or changes in federal, state, county and city regulations around that exchange of data is imperative. Having the flexibility to take ownership of the pieces of the project you feel the provider should own is important. Being able to make changes to your own environment, in an agile way, is essential.

“When it comes to what we present to the users and how we do it, Inova wants to have a platform that offers us an open road. Having the freedom to make changes without continually going back to the vendor every time a regulation changes will help to reduce our cost of ownership. And, more importantly, we gain the flexibility to meet the needs that the patients want.”—Drew Cobb, Vice President of Clinical Application

5. This is not a cookie-cutter industryevery ecosystem is different

The expectations in healthcare can be different, not only from the customer perspective, but also from the technology. The healthcare industry is not a cookie cutter industry—each provider’s ecosystem is different. For example, the vendors and partners Inova has are different from the ecosystem used at other systems. And, while there might be a general approach or outline for deployment at the macro level, there needs to be enough leeway to create a micro plan that considers the different requirements and attributes of each unique ecosystem of partners.

A deployment process is an evolution that allows the provider to acquire the tools that other industries might already be using; or, work with the inbound vendor to help modify the core platform. Inova has been working collaboratively with VisitPay throughout this process.

“Together we could dig deep and think strategically about what our patients need, and what these needs will look like for Inova. The VisitPay team have been part of this thinking process—it is very collaborative, fun and rewarding; being able to learn and to develop in this environment is great.”—Drew Cobb, Vice President of Clinical Application

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