E-Billing Is More Than Online Pay

with Shelly Papadopoulos

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In today’s episode, I’m joined by my colleague, Shelly Papadopoulos, the Director of Product Management at VisitPay. In this interview, we talked about how to create a seamless experience for your patients, using data to measure patient engagement, the difference between e-billing and online payments, and more.

VisitPay is the only patient financial engagement platform that simplifies the entire patient billing experience. Through VisitPay, health systems can create a seamless, singular point of interaction that radically reshapes the billing experience by providing greater transparency, choice, and control to patients, all while generating high yield. Our mission is to create better financial relationships between health systems and their patients.

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  • A seamless experience [1:50]
  • Keep quality in mind [3:30]
  • Using data to measure engagement [6:04]
  • E-billing is more than online pay [8:25]
  • Get creative about engagement users [11:57]
  • The propensity to pay [12:52]
  • Putting more effort into engaging with patients digitally [15:36]
  • A unified bill is helpful [17:30]



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“VisitPay is so seamless it doesn’t feel like a separate system.”

“At VisitPay, we enhance the patient experience with tools to make it more seamless.”

“At VisitPay, we’re proactive in searching for and fixing anomalies in our product.”

“VisitPay keeps quality in mind when creating and enhancing our products.”

“VisitPay uses data to understand what people are interested in doing financially.”

“VisitPay provides online reports for revenue cycle teams to use for their day-to-day reconciliation.”

“VisitPay allows consolidation of family bills and flexible payment plans.”

“If we could more cohesively strategize with health systems clients, we could increase patient engagement.”

“VisitPay can help understand an individual’s propensity to pay.”

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