Better Together: Supercharging Epic Elevates the Patient Financial Experience at INTEGRIS Health

We’re delighted that Epic is sharing the story of how Epic and VisitPay technologies are being used as complementary solutions to create better financial outcomes for INTEGRIS Health. It’s important because it truly demonstrates how health systems don’t have to choose between an EHR or a rudimentary patient balance management platform. INTEGRIS capitalizes on its Epic investment while seamlessly using VisitPay to create an elegant, best in class patient financial experience.

Generating real results, fast

The Healthcare IT News profile on INTEGRIS hits home. We’ve been working with the $1.45B NPR Oklahoma-based health system to create a robust solution that offers patients flexibility, clarity, and a better understanding of the bills they receive for every member of their family or even their extended family.

The fact that they’re seeing such remarkable results isn’t a surprise to us. The end of June 2019 marked the health system’s go-live with VisitPay. To date, the health system has registered more than 8,000 patients to the self-service portal, thanks to the strategic efforts of the marketing and communications team. In September, the platform processed more than $1 million in payments and now accounts for 28% of total patient collections. Also paramount is the significant improvement in patient satisfaction metrics.

These amazing results are exactly what we set out to achieve from the start – for INTEGRIS and all our clients and partners.

Better together

After seeing Epic’s post on LinkedIn, Robert Mittendorf, MD and MBA, Partner of Norwest Venture Partners, appreciated their acknowledgment: “Thank you Epic for recognizing the best in class VisitPay solution for the patient financial experience and the results achieved at INTEGRIS.” The same sentiment was shared by Victor Kats, Managing Director, Head of Healthcare Technology at Ascension Ventures: “Awesome results and much-needed as the patient experience broadens to include how we manage patient payment options tailored for each individual’s preferences and means.”

Integrating with Epic

With a large and diverse patient-base, INTEGRIS Health had to identify and act upon the specific needs and preferences of individual patients. Doing this on their own would require a significant investment of time, money, and human resources. Knowing that personalization is essential for engaging patients, they now rely on VisitPay’s technology and segmentation know-how.

Using VisitPay’s integrated payment approach, INTEGRIS Health offers longer-term, flexible finance options that are personalized for each patient. This unified solution is far more powerful than simply digitizing a paper statement. It’s a self-service experience that matches what patients have come to expect from other consumer-centric industries.

The solution allows patients to consolidate, view, and pay their bills – for the entire family – from a single digital access point. Patients can manage their medical obligations from the same devices they use in other environments and self-configure a payment plan that is meaningful for their personal needs.

Proud to be a partner

The INTEGRIS Health success story is a true testament to the power of using VisitPay’s functionality in conjunction with Epic’s functionality to help people navigate the waters of healthcare consumer finance – for the good of providers and especially the patients and communities they serve.

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