A Team Win: Intermountain Healthcare Celebrates 200,000 Users

Success at VisitPay is measured by the success of our partners. We want to create a better financial experience for as many patients as possible—a goal we work toward alongside those partners. That’s why we’re especially proud of what Intermountain Healthcare has been able to achieve. More than 200,000 Intermountain Healthcare patients have now registered for e-billing on the VisitPay platform, a milestone that has brought significant increases in both patient satisfaction and payment rates. Along with the recent launch of My Health+, Intermountain Healthcare continues to lead across the landscape of digital patient engagement.

“Intermountain Healthcare is a foundational partner and user of VisitPay’s technology,” says Kent Ivanoff, CEO and Co-Founder of VisitPay. “We’re proud of the depth of the relationships we have with the patients in its communities—and with the entire Intermountain Healthcare team.” 

Intermountain Healthcare has shown how an enterprise-scale integrated delivery network can evolve to offer a better digital-first patient financial experience—one that supports patients and sustains health systems at the same time.

From left to right: Kent Ivanoff, Vincent Martino, Todd Craghead

A Platform for Personalized Solutions

Intermountain Healthcare began working with VisitPay to understand trends in the patient revenue cycle in 2014, several years before the VisitPay platform existed. The partnership has grown since then and demonstrates the value of long-term collaboration as well as large-scale implementation.

“Our relationship with Intermountain Healthcare—one of the largest and most respected health systems in the US—has helped us gain deep insights into what is needed to improve the patient financial experience,” says Vincent Martino, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of VisitPay. “Our joint successes have added to the momentum we’re experiencing at VisitPay as we now impact patient financial health on a national level.”

Throughout the relationship, VisitPay has worked to apply its consumer finance and patient engagement expertise to the specific needs and patient population at Intermountain. Over the years, we’ve worked together on new ways of introducing patients to the digital experience and have tested many finance and payment plan approaches to find what resonates most with patients. Recently, we worked to integrate VisitPay with Intermountain’s new digital front door: My Health+. My Health+ gives Intermountain Healthcare patients a digital health portal that includes access to VisitPay functionality.

The Numbers Say It All

It’s a terrific accomplishment to see more than 200,000 Intermountain Healthcare patients sign up for e-billing on the VisitPay platform. It represents a significant reduction in paper statement volume alone. 

However, this is not just a story of quantity. Equally worthy of attention is how Intermountain Healthcare has been able to measure and continuously improve the quality of the patient experience. Intermountain’s billing experience Net Promoter Score is 40+, which is more than twice the overall healthcare industry benchmark. 

Measuring the before and after VisitPay experience, Intermountain Healthcare patients report a leap in satisfaction of 70%. It’s no surprise that high rates of adoption and high levels of patient satisfaction bring higher payment rates. Intermountain Healthcare has seen payment rates improve by over 30% for those patients using VisitPay’s platform.

Here’s to the Next Milestone

As the state of Utah embarks on the next stage of its COVID-19 response plan, the team at VisitPay and Intermountain Healthcare is focused on providing support to the community. “I’m looking forward to what the future holds as we continue to work to ensure that the wonderful people we serve together can recover from very challenging times,” says Todd Craghead, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Intermountain. “All the while…stretching our efforts toward the next great milestone.” 

VisitPay is proud to be a part of the success that Intermountain Healthcare has achieved. As a way of acknowledging this milestone, VisitPay made a donation to Intermountain Healthcare Community Care Foundation, an organization aiming to support Intermountain’s health priorities in improving access to healthcare services and increasing healthy behaviors for low-income, uninsured, or medically-underserved populations. 

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