Treat each patient as an individual with leading edge intelligence

Scoring and Segmentation

Not everyone has the same story or the same outcome. Our proprietary machine learning approach leverages multiple data sets to create the most predictive scoring models on the market so you can customize experiences to meet individual needs.

To create an accurate picture, our models combine proprietary intelligence, provider and third-party data with other variables.

The result is highly predictive scores that providers can use within the VisitPay digital consumer portal and across revenue cycle operations—including AR (120 day), Bad Debt, Presumptive Charity, and Front End.


  • Reduce bad debt and increase payment yield
  • Improve patient experience and patient satisfaction
  • Lower operational costs
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Presumptive Charity

  • Combines demographic data with ability to pay information to optimize charity write offs
  • Fully automated with customizable rules based on your charity policies
  • Providers forgo minimal cash while helping patients who need it the most

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