Aite Impact Brief

TransUnion Healthcare and VisitPay:
A Patient Financial Engagement Solution

Impact Brief Summary

This Impact Brief is designed to highlight the capabilities of a unique healthcare revenue cycle partnership between TransUnion Healthcare and VisitPay.

Together, their capabilities offer health systems an end-to-end solution to collect on patient bills with an emphasis on pre-service, starting the process before the service is provided.

It highlights key functionalities, outlines roadmap areas, and offers Aite Group’s take on the overall utility of the technology for the target market.

Aite report preview
  • Estimation in Pre-Service Engagement

    “…this partnership is focused on taking estimation to the next level by wrapping products and services around the estimate at the earliest point in the patient life cycle.”

  • Personalization through Analytics

    “By synthesizing and analyzing data, this partnership offers hospitals and health systems tangible solutions to some of the bigger challenges they face…”

  • Expertise in Core Billing Systems

    “…this partnership has gained a strong foothold with some major systems, and the companies are working to expand their reach and influence…”

“The companies have managed to distill a lot of data, including payment estimates, into a useful, informative, and digestible format to help inform consumers’ financial decisions.”

About VisitPay

VisitPay is a dedicated group of consumer finance people working for the good of the healthcare industry. The company was established after our founders discovered an entire industry that was using outdated and inadequate systems to manage patient revenue—leading to frustrated providers, dissatisfied and confused patients, and, ultimately, fewer payments. Something had to change. So we decided to fix it. In doing so, we didn’t only make patient billing easier, we rethought patient financial relationships from end to end.

Partners include

Intermountain Healthcare
Henry Ford Health System

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